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Eagle County thieves don’t discriminate, steal from Ford and Chevy

Dustin Racioppi
Eagle County, CO Colorado

EAGLE COUNTY -” It didn’t matter if one man’s two trucks were or weren’t locked in Eage County, Colorado on Dec. 17, because criminals broke into both of them and stole his stuff anyway.

He was keeping his two trucks “-one Ford and one Chevy “-at Two Rivers Village in Dotsero. The manager of the lot noticed wires hanging from the Ford and called the man, who arrived to find audio equipment totaling more than $1,000 had been stolen, the sheriff’s report said.

That truck was locked, but pry marks near the driver’s side window showed how the thief or thieves worked around that. The Chevy truck wasn’t locked and the man’s stereo, estimated at $350, was swiped from the truck.

GYPSUM ” It was a pleasant family drive back to Gypsum from Glenwood Springs on Dec. 20 until mom and dad started fighting. Over what, neither of them remembers.

What mom did remember, as she told deputies, was that she slapped her husband in the face somewhere around Dotsero. He retaliated with three jabs to the arm and the argument seemed to die down. The couple’s two children were in the car while this was happening.

When they got home, the arguing continued. Again, neither remembers why. This time, mom kicked dad’s butt ” literally ” and threw the car keys at him. He shoved her back, and then she took the kids and went to her mom’s house in Minturn, she said in the sheriff’s report.

Deputies were able to track her down, and she was taken to Eagle County jail for harassment and domestic violence.

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