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Eagle County vet running for Congress

Steve Sheldon
Michael Rawlngs |

EAGLE COUNTY — Steve Sheldon, owner and veterinarian at the Gypsum Animal Hospital, has announced his intent to run for Congress in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.

A fiscally conservative Democrat, Sheldon said he has had his eye on the seat for a number of years.

“Serving our country has always been a dream of mine” Sheldon said.

Jane Lowry, chair of the Eagle County Democrats, said she is excited about Sheldon’s chances of unseating the incumbent, Scott Tipton, a Republican from the Cortez area.

“Steve is my kind of candidate,” Lowry said. “He has good energy and intelligent ideas about what is best for Colorado, our congressional district and the country in general.”

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Sheldon will need to win the Democratic Party’s nomination at the party’s state assembly on April 16 in Loveland. Right now he is the only candidate on the ballot but that may change. Local party officials believe state-level party officials are talking to former state legislators about seeking the seat.

“Honestly, I feel someone who is eager to run is a better fit than someone who has to be talked into it,” Sheldon said.

He added that past political experience is no longer a requirement for public service and that the majority of people today actually view it as a hindrance.

“Time and again we are hearing we want fresh voices, ordinary citizens,” he said.

Sheldon has strong opinions about partisan politics and the rhetorical language used by most politicians.

“No one speaks concretely anymore — if I hear the term ‘working across the aisle’ one more time I may puke,” he said. “There is no aisle as far as I am concerned. We all want what is best for us and our country.”

Sheldon said his 30 year career as a veterinarian suits him well for Congress.

“I have formed relationships with people from every walk of life; I treat everyone and their pets with respect,” he said.

Sheldon says his ability to communicate issues in plain, understandable English has contributed to his success as a veterinarian and will help him win this election.

“People really appreciate being up front, and I am; I don’t hide behind words and I am never vague,” he added.


Steve, who lives in Eagle with his wife and five children, is currently a pet columnist with The Vail Daily. Sheldon said he believes in the power of print media and newspapers.

“Newspapers are old school, but I love them,” he said. “I take notes on an old pad, too. We need to go back to low tech!”

He also plans on using both innovative and old school ways to campaign.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of political emails asking me for money,” he said. “I want to speak directly to people.”

While running as a Democrat, Sheldon said he’s seeking support from people of all political affiliations.

“I don’t care if you are red, blue or purple” he said. “I only care about what lies within all of us; we are all the same deep down.”

For more information, go to http://www.steve sheldonforcongress.com.

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