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Eagle County voters can use a website to track ballots

Ballots went out Oct. 9; nearly 2.500 had been returned by Oct. 14

About 7% of Eagle County voters had already cast their ballots as of Oct. 14. Ballots were mailed Oct. 9.
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Track your ballot Go to http://www.coloradoballottrax.net.

With several states this year instituting vote-by-mail systems, ballot security has become a hot topic. Colorado this year allows voters to track their ballots through every step of the process.

The state this year is using the ballottrax website that alerts voters about the state of their ballots through every step of the process.

Signing up is easy, if you’re registered to vote. You can register up to Election Day on Nov. 3.

Enter your name, date of birth and sip code. You can also specify whether you prefer email alerts, text alerts or voice alerts. You can also specify when you receive those alerts, say 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

For many of us, signing into ballottrax indicates the first step: “ballot outbound,” meaning it’s been mailed to the address on your voter registration.

The next steps are “ballot received,” meaning it’s now sitting in the county election office, and “ballot accepted.” The final step means your ballot has been checked for the proper information and is ready for counting.

Many ways to return

Most ballots in Eagle County are dropped at one of the Eagle County Clerk and Recorder’s six 24-hour drop boxes. Ballots can be mailed, of course — it’s a mail election. Given the size of this year’s ballot, postage will be 70 cents. But Eagle County Clerk and Recorder Regina O’Brien said that her office and the U.S. Postal Service have an agreement that even ballots with insufficient postage will be delivered, with the county picking up the tab.

Mailed ballots must be received by 7 p.m. on Nov. 3 or won’t be counted. O’Brien said ballots should be mailed no later than Oct. 26 to ensure delivery by Nov. 3.

Those with Eagle County ballots who are out of town — attending college, for instance — can drop their ballots in the drop box of any Colorado county. Those ballots will be delivered to Eagle County and counted.

The county will also have vote centers where people can vote in person.

They’re all on paper

However you choose to vote, all ballots are on paper.

Ballots returned without the privacy sleeve will all be counted, as long as there’s a signature for verification. While your vote will be recorded, no one will know how you voted.

Ballots went into the mail Oct. 9 around the state, and thousands of people are getting their ballots in early.

As of Oct. 14, O’Brien’s office had received 2,448 ballots. That’s a bit more than 7% of the more than 33,000 ballots mailed.

Statewide, 300,795 ballots had been returned by Oct. 14, 20 days before the election. The Denver Post reported Thursday that 12,141 ballots had been returned 20 days before the 2016 election.

The biggest share of those ballots — 23.6% — were returned by voters between 65 and 74 years of age. The next-largest group was voters age 55 to 64. That group accounted for just more than 19% of the ballots returned so far.

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