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Eagle County’s assessed value a bit more than 2009

Present: Sara Fisher, Jon Stavney, Peter Runyon.

Issue: Approving the 2010 “abstract of assessment” for the county.

Who they talked to: Eagle County Assessor Mark Chapin.

What he said: The value of taxable property in Eagle County in 2010 is about $60 million more than it was in 2009, thanks mostly to new construction. That brings the county’s taxable value to about $3.6 billion.

That isn’t the actual value, but the value as it’s determined for tax purposes. Homes are taxed at 7.96 percent of their actual value. Commercial and agricultural property is taxed at 29 percent.

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Issue: Annual report from the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Who they talked to: Colorado Transportation Commission member Doug Aden and regional transportation director Dave Eller.

What they talked about: Mostly that money is severely limited for any new transportation projects.

The biggest problem they talked about: At the moment, the Colorado Department of Transportation spends about $100 milllion of its annual budget of just more than $1 billion on road re-surfacing and other maintenance work. Aden said estimates have put the actual price tag of that work at between $400 and $500 million per year.

– Scott N. Miller

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