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Eagle County’s COVID-19 meter is still solidly green

For the second straight week, Eagle County's COVID-19 risk meter remained in the green zone.
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For the second straight week, Eagle County’s COVID-19 risk meter remains solidly in the green, or “comfortable” zone.

“We are going in a really good direction with COVID,” said Birch Barron, the county’s emergency management director, during his Tuesday update with the county commissioners.

Barron said county officials know that many residents look to the meter to help decide their social interactions. He reminded everyone that the meter itself indicates the “comfortable” zone means remaining vigilant while resuming activities.

There is still COVID-19 activity in the valley — 32 cases reported over the past two weeks. Barron noted that testing remains active, but the volume has decreased. Even with lower numbers, more than 650 tests were performed in the county over the past two weeks. Of those tested, 5% came back positive — a large drop from the 30% positive level recorded a few weeks ago.

“It’s fantastic to see that going down,” Barron said.

There has been only one local COVID-19 hospitalization during the past two weeks.

The county’s downward COVID-19 trends are mirrored across the state. Newly reported cases in Colorado are now at a low level, Barron said. He also noted one other state initiatiave: Colorado public health officials are working on their own risk meter and Eagle County representatives have been a part of that discussion.

 “We are hoping that when their meter comes out, it is a pretty seamless transition,” Barron said.  

This week’s Eagle County COVID-19 report can be viewed at ecemergency.org.

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