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Eagle County’s new logo is ridiculous

Patricia Dorf
Eagle, CO, Colorado

I have just looked at the new Eagle County logo and this accompanying text describing the logo:

– Matches with the strengths of Eagle County.

– Iconic image of the eagle and mountains.

– Appeal, colors blue and green

– Global eco-friendly image

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– Image is welcoming in feel, progressive, clean, open, friendly and timeless.

– Incorporated the “E” and “C” for “Eagle County”

– Identity is easy to reproduce, easy to read

– Works well as a one-color or two-color image

– Easy to reproduce and maintain brand consistency

Who came up with this drivel? Aside from the fact that most of the above statements are half-baked notions that wouldn’t pass muster in a middle school term paper, they are simply so far fetched that they are laughable.

“Matches the strengths of Eagle County”? How? “Iconic image of the eagle and mountains”? Sure, if iconic is logo speak for “just let them try and see an eagle in this one!”

“Appeal, colors blue and green”? So is the old logo. “Global eco-friendly image”? Ah, the PC-ness of it! “Represents year-round outdoor destination”? How does it do that? “Image is welcoming in feel, progressive, clean, open, friendly, and timeless”? What in the world does that mean?

“Incorporated the “E” and “C” for “Eagle County”. I don’t see it and I don’t care. It is not “easy to read” because it doesn’t say anything. “Maintain brand consistency”? Ridiculous.

This logo, and the process of procuring it, is a classic example of government in action. It is fatuous, asinine and, sadly, typical. Yours in sheer, tearing my hair out, frustration,

Patricia Dorf


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