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Eagle faces choices about future

Fredric Butler
Eagle, CO, Colorado

Eagle is at a threshold: Should it step forward and go with the mall-big box scenario with acres of asphalt and legions of fossil fuel transports, or should it step back and retreat to its historical past of the way things were (the butcher, the baker and candlestick maker) with its pedestrian-friendly streets, shaded and cobbled sidewalks abloom with cauldrons of flowers and herbs?

Does the post-game or tail-gate scene after a Rockies or Bronco game really fit in the meadow east of Eagle?

Would it be that an agrarian, rodeo, country fair or rural use could better come into play at that locale, as such things are more compatible with the county fair and rodeo grounds to the west?

I think of a large-animal clinic and adjunct for Colorado State University, perhaps delimited islands of conservative retail interspersed amongst the grassy fields (Whole Foods, Cabela’s or Bass, Sheplers Western Wear, and that ilk). Or better yet, an outdoor venue for bluegrass, country western, jazz, or just plain folk in conjunction with a countywide farmers’ market, where the parking lot would be adjacent to and on the shoulders of the highway, and a stroll through the green meadows would be required for a proper entry.

Perhaps the persona of an American is changing from that of a disconnected consumer in a mega mall to one of a gregarious saver who relishes the vendor’s personal interaction as much as the product that he has to sell.

Eagle has a magnetism to retiring and discriminating people who have “been there, and done that,” and who eschew the sales hype and impersonality that the mall has to offer.

These folks yearn for the personality of a community with flair: children playing in the streets, chalk cartoons drawn on the sidewalks, bikes and skate boards amongst the slow moving minivans or delivery trucks, and where jaywalking loses its definition and is expected.

Where in Eagle County can you find a brew pub, a kinky dress shop, a cobbler, a tailor, a bakery, a butcher/cheese shop, or chocoletier on the same street?

This could be Eagle, if we only step back, and find our future as a town that is the place to be!

Fredric Butler

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