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Eagle: Hit, but couldn’t run

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Eagle, CO Colorado

EAGLE, Colorado –The owner of a Volkswagen Passat contacted Eagle Police last week after she watched the driver of a Jeep Cherokee ram her car and walk away.

The Volkswagen owner was with some friends when the accident occurred. After hitting the vehicle, the Jeep driver exited her car and went inside a local liquor store. When she came back out, the Volkswagen owner confronted her.

The Jeep owner initially denied the accident, but the other woman stated that she and her friends had witnessed the event. The Volkswagen owner noted the other woman was reluctant to give her name and hand over insurance information. She also appeared to be intoxicated because she had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.

When the Volkswagen owner told the Jeep driver that it wasn’t good to be driving in her condition, she hauled a bike out of the vehicle and took off. When police arrived, three witnesses confirmed the Volkswagen owner’s story. Additionally, a security tape showed the Jeep driver entering and exiting the liquor store within the time frame they described.

When an Eagle police officer tracked the suspect down at her home, she denied being involved in an accident and said her vehicle was parked across town. A search of her record revealed her license was revoked.

The woman was arrested without incident and transported to the county jail.

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