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Eagle land owner inks deal for conservation easement

EAGLE, Colorado – Decades from now, the swath of land north of The Terrace bike path should look exactly the same as is does today.

On Monday, owner George Roberts signed a conservation easement with the Eagle Valley Land Trust to preserve the property as open space. Under the terms of the conservation easement, Roberts retains ownership of the land but gives up his rights to develop the property in exchange for certain tax incentives.

When contacted this week, Roberts said he has been quietly working on the deal for some time. Earlier, Roberts had received approval to build four houses on the 22-acres he owns north and east of The Terrace. After consideration, he opted instead to go with the conservation easement.

The exclusions from the easement property include a 2-acre site around Roberts’ home located north of The Terrace, and a 2 1/2-acre site on the very western property border. The second site lies adjacent to a town of Eagle access road to the water tank and the Sunset View Cemetery.

“We have been talking with the cemetery for years about donating that land for an expansion,” Roberts said.

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Additionally, Roberts said the easement language will allow development of a hiking trail along part of the property.

“This announcement will make a lot of people very happy,” said Eagle Town Manager Willy Powell.

Powell said residents of The Terrace, in addition to citizens throughout Eagle, have expressed a desire to keep the Roberts property clear of development. With this week’s conservation easement deal, that desire will be fulfilled.

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