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Eagle: Mall decision at least a month away

EAGLE, Colorado ” There’s a new malady in the town of Eagle. Call it meeting fatigue.

After nearly two years of discussion, residents are getting restless about the Eagle River Station process and they are calling for it all to end. While Eagle River Station discussions traditionally draw a packed house at the Eagle Town Hall, attendance as gotten a bit sparser as the hearing schedule drags on.

“Make a motion,” said Daiva Katieb during last week’s Eagle River Station. She was not alone in the plea.

“This has gone on long enough,” said Eagle resident Liz Spetnagel.

Both Katieb and Spetnagel also voiced opposition to the Eagle River Station plan.

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During the past few weeks, several residents have testified about the length of the process and noted that the proposal will likely go to a referendum. Town officials also have chaffed at the process. Last week Eagle Town Board member Scot Hunn suggested a bringing the development up for a vote in a month.

Mayor Ed Woodland said that the Eagle River Station process is now in the detail phase ” painstaking and mind-numbing work that is important nonetheless.

“Let’s be honest, you either like the project or you don’t like the project. It isn’t going to matter if the Target sign is four feet tall or 10 feet tall,” he said.

Michael Hans of RED Development is optimistic that the end is in sight. He said the final planning issues are being resolved and that attorneys and staff members from both the town and RED are working through the various documents that accompany the proposal.

“Trading drafts can be a cumbersome process,” he said.

And its a cumbersome process that’s going to last for at least one more month. After a brief recess during last week’s hearing, town officials and RED representatives requested the next meeting be scheduled April 22 with a follow-up scheduled April 29. At those two meetings, final planning issues and legal issues are slated for discussion.

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