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Eagle: Man caught in boxers in backyard

EAGLE, Colorado “-A man who had been partying at bars in Eagle tried to find his way home, but ended up caught clad in only his boxers in somebody else’s backyard on Lost Lane, Sept. 21.

The resident told deputies that he was awoken by a noise coming from outside his bedroom window. The man got up, turned on lights and saw a man who had just climbed over his fence. The stranger was roaming around the backyard, wearing only his boxers. The rest of his clothes were spread all over the yard.

The resident screamed at the man, who responded that he was trying to get home and then took off. Deputies searched through the man’s abandoned clothes and found a pay stub in the man’s pocket.

They located the man, who at first began to lie about his whereabouts earlier in the morning. He eventually came clean.

The man was not charged with any crimes due to the resident not wanting to press charges.

GYPSUM ” A young woman kicked, spat and cursed at deputies, Sept. 26, while resisting arrest outside her home on Yale Court in Gypsum.

The woman was in her car when deputies arrived on scene.

The mother of the young woman told deputies that her daughter had come home drunk and that “she did not want to deal with her tonight.”

When deputies asked the woman to step out of her vehicle she yelled obscenities at them. Deputies said the woman had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and her clothing was in disarray.

The woman did not cooperate when deputies asked her questions. When deputies attempted to place the woman under arrest, she started kicking and threatening them. She dragged her feet and went limp when deputies tried to bring her to their car. She also spit in a deputy’s face.

She was kicking, yelling and spitting all the way to the county jail, where she was put in a restraint chair with a spit hood.

EAGLE ” A teen couple, sitting in a parked car on Third Street in the wee hours of Sept. 20, watched as a pick up truck pulled in back of them to park. Then, the pick up driver abruptly pulled out, hitting their vehicle and damaging the rear end. The driver took off eastbound; then appeared again a short time later heading west.

The teens summoned the cops, and offered a description of the suspect vehicle. Yellow paint on their vehicle indicated the pick up truck was yellow.

Once that information was aired via dispatch, a county sheriff’s deputy spotted the suspect vehicle, with some front end damage, heading toward Gypsum on Highway 6.

Officers were able to pull over the vehicle at an intersection near Cotton Ranch. The 42-year-old man driving the truck admitted he had been in a minor collision. He said he “just freaked out,” and drove off.

He was summoned for careless driving, and failure to give information after damaging a vehicle.

EAGLE COUNTY ” The economy emerged as the culprit in what first was reported as a theft incident.

United Rentals in Eagle called the cops about the theft of an air compressor, which was several days overdue for return.

The man who rented it said he was working for a general contractor on a project in Avon. When that job fell through, the general contractor went bankrupt, and the renter returned to his home on the Front Range.

When contacted, the renter said the compressor had been parked near some railroad tracks in Avon. However, noting that the bankrupt company still owed him a considerable amount of money, he wasn’t enthusiastic about driving back up to locate the missing equipment.

However, when a different job brought him back to the area, he did locate the compressor and notified the rental company.

The rental company recovered the compressor. Because the equipment had been used for only four hours, the rental company declined to press theft charges.

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