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Eagle mayor’s race Q&A: Arn Menconi

Kathy HeicherEagle CorrespondentVail, CO Colorado
Arn Menconi

1. What is the single most important issue facing Eagle over the next four years?Encouraging smart growth while maintaining Eagles historic character. Eagle can meet its fiscal and infrastructure needs through leadership, vision and partnerships.2. Is regional retail (big-box store development) right for Eagle? Why or why not?Big box stores will weaken Eagles small-town character. We need to preserve our existing local businesses, encourage a walkable community, and foster sustainable development. 3. What is the best location (if any) for new retail development?Redevelopment and infill should happen along Highway 6 and in the historic downtown. Lets not allow our commercial centers to become ghost towns.4. How can the town best support the central business district and existing business community?Partnering with a national downtown redevelopment consulting firm to plan redevelopment. This opportunity was rejected because of a lack of leadership and vision.5. What revenue sources should the town turn to for projects such as road improvements, and water and sewer system expansion?A diversified approach. Commercial sales and property taxes; increased impact fees on new development; bonding of anticipated revenue; state and federal monies. 6. What is your vision for the future of the Brush Creek Valley (the land beyond the ice rink)?

Brush Creek should be developed as little as possible; we cant pretend that Eagle can grow its way to financial sustainability.7. Where would affordable housing best be located in Eagle?Affordable housing should be integrated into existing neighborhoods. Eagle should not solve upvalley housing needs. Affordable housing should be proportional to our needs.8. Should Bellyache Road be closed to motorized traffic? Why or why not?Yes, to prevent user conflicts and injury to children living in the Bluffs. Unfortunately, some users have created too many problems for the residents.9. More than half of the towns residents have lived here less than five years. How can they better be engaged in town matters?By using technology electronic newsletters, community TV, having meetings at homeowners associations and metro district meetings, supporting the planning commissioners and not offending citizens during public input.10. What was the best thing the Town Board accomplished in the past four years?Planning its waste water and water needs for the future. Not sexy, but essential.11. What has the town done that you would do differently? I would not have allowed development proposals for East Eagle to go to public hearings while the towns master plan is still outdated. Also, I would upheld the existing Public Facilities Ordinance, which could have prevented traffic, drinking water and wastewater problems.

Menconi is the founder and executive director of the Snowboard Outreach Society. He only spent 10 days on the mountain this winter he This article first appeared in the Eagle Valley Enterprise.

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