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Eagle mayor’s race Q&A: Ed Woodland

Kathy HeicherEagle CorrespondentVail, CO Colorado
Ed Woodland

1. What is the single most important issue facing Eagle over the next four years?Economic development sales tax revenue generation and attraction of new business.2. Is regional retail (big-box store development) right for Eagle? Why or why not?Yes. Both regional retail and big box stores are already here. However, any new retail development must be financially viable, benefit the town and may require voter approval.3. What is the best location (if any) for new retail development?New retail should be located in the existing town and east of town.4. How can the town best support the central business district and existing business community?Continue to offer incentives, expand the central business district and promote events that promote our town.5. What revenue sources should the town turn to for projects such as road improvements, and water and sewer system expansion. Be specific (i.e. more sales tax sources, property tax increase, impact fees).Road improvements: Sales tax and increased impact fees on new development that are paid up front.Water and ewer expansion: Tap fees and user rate increases that keep up with inflation.6. What is your vision for the future of the Brush Creek Valley (the land beyond the ice rink)?

Limited residential development on the eastern side close to town with reduced density south. Heavy emphasis on open space, passive recreation and wildlife protection. Large land buffer between Haymeadow and Fred Kummers southern holdings.7. Where would affordable housing best be located in Eagle?Right where we have it now evenly disbursed throughout town.8. Should Bellyache Road be closed to motorized traffic? Why or why not?No. It has historically been open to hunters and it remains one of our last open access points to BLM land in the town.9. More than half of the towns residents have lived here less than 5 years. How can they better be engaged in town matters?Come to board and planning and zoning commission meetings or join a board or committee and visit the Web site.10. What was the best thing the Town Board accomplished in the past four years?Redevelopment of the downtown and Town Park.11. What has the town done that you would do differently? I would have increased the amount of commercial square footage in Eagle Ranch.

Woodland and his wife, Kristen, were both athletes at the University of Utah. He was a swimmer, she was a gymnast, and they met when both were injured at the same time. This article first appeared in the Eagle Valley Enterprise.

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