Eagle Mine tour tickets available for August event

This 2018 photo exhibits the effects of a mine seep near the Eagle River. Learn about maintenance efforts and monitoring work, as well as mining history at the Eagle Mine tour event on Aug. 17.
Lizzie Schoder/Courtesy photo

The winding and scenic drive between the towns of Red Cliff and Minturn is well known for its offering of classic Colorado landscapes. It provides unmatched views of Notch Mountain, access to and from some of this area’s most-beloved small towns and a peek at the mining infrastructure that played such an important role in Eagle County’s history.

On Aug. 17, Eagle River Watershed Council will again offer exclusive tours of the Eagle Mine, located near the settlements of Gilman and Belden, between Minturn and Red Cliff. The mine and its story take center stage in the start of what is now known as the Eagle River Watershed Council. The public is invited to register for one of two tour rounds.

Participants will learn about what happened in 1984, when pumps draining the Eagle Mine near Red Cliff were shut off, allowing the mine to flood and the following spill of heavy metal-laden water into the Eagle River. They’ll also learn the designation as an EPA Superfund Site and what restoration work has been completed to date on the site to protect water quality. Lastly, they’ll learn about the industrial wastewater treatment facility that helps to prevent water quality issues.

Environmental Protection Agency, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment and Ramboll, the wastewater treatment plant operator, will offer presentations during the tour. For more information and to purchase your tour ticket, visit

Eagle River Watershed Council is a community-supported 501c(3) organization with the mission to advocate for the health of the Upper Colorado and Eagle River basins through research, education and projects. Contact the Watershed Council at 970-827-5406 or visit to learn more.

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