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Eagle needs marketing help!

Doug Seabury
Eagle, CO, Colorado

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the “Meet the Mayor” meeting (in Eagle last week).

It was a very interesting conversation with talk about surviving these tough economic times in the short term as well as long term growth for Eagle.

What can the town of Eagle, The Chamber of Commerce and local businesses do to help stimulate the local economy, increase sales tax dollar revenue, create jobs, stabilize the local real estate market, etc?

We sat for two hours discussing great ideas for promoting our town.

We need an image.

We need a marketing campaign.

We need an events coordinator.

We need to market our Western heritage, our unique downtown, our amazing mountain biking, river, etc.

The town won’t pay for a coordinated, unified, marketing campaign (which if successful would pay for itself with increased sales tax revenue).

The Chamber of Commerce will not coordinate the logistics of a marketing campaign which would drive commerce.

The local businesses don’t have the funds or the ability to lead an effort of this scale.

What is the message Eagle is trying to get across? Why should you visit Eagle?

Do we promote our mountain biking? River sports? Events? Do we want a mall? Increase density of downtown? Develop West Eagle?

We all know we need to increase our sales tax revenue, and I say, pick your poison and create a message.

With that said, it seems we need to hire an experienced professional who will be responsible for creating that message, hiring the graphic artists, proofing the copy, coordinating events so they don’t overlap, determining what market to focus on, demographics, negotiating ad terms, developing budgets, etc.

This is a full-time job and much-needed position. This cannot wait until September 2009 to get on the 2010 town budget. This needs to happen today.

So this leads us to the uncomfortable question of who is willing to manage and pay this professional?

While we may not want to be Carbondale or any other town per se, there have been a great deal of Colorado small towns that have been successful marketing themselves, i.e. Salida, Carbondale, Gunnison, Minturn, Basalt, Fruita, Arvada, Boulder, Telluride, etc.

I was at our City Market tonight with an advertisement for Minturn, sponsored by http://www.minturn.org, which is run by the town of Minturn, staring at me on my grocery cart.

On the flip side, Carbondale is being marketed by their Chamber of Commerce.

Erin and I want to live in a great community and that’s why we have created events like Noel Night and Potatopalooza.

We recognize that there are others, like you, that want our community to be special.

However, we need someone to facilitate and coordinate those ideas and efforts. Feel free to contact us to discuss further.

Doug Seabury

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