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Eagle PD needs an impact fee, it says

Town’s police department trying to keep up with growth

Eagle's police department is asking the town board to approve an impact fee that would be levied on new construction. The Eagle police say they need the money to keep up with the town's growth.
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Eagle PD

The Eagle Police Department serves a population of more than 6,500 in a total area of 4.61 square miles and responds to roughly 10,000 calls per year.

  • 2014: 7,598 calls
  • 2015: 9,366 calls
  • 2016: 9,609 calls
  • 2017: 10,429 calls
  • 2018: 10,364 calls

EAGLE — This growing community will need more police protection, and a proposed fee on new construction would help pay for it.

In its first iteration, the Eagle Police Department suggested to the town board an impact fee of 44 cents per square foot on all new non-residential. That was too high for the seven-member town board’s comfort, which opined that it would discourage new businesses from locating to Eagle.

“It’s a unique balancing act. They recognize that we need to provide public safety, but we cannot be burdensome to businesses and attracting new businesses to our community,” Eagle Police Chief Joey Staufer said.

They’ll take up the issue again at this Tuesday’s town board meeting.

Just for capital, not operations

The impact fee, whatever it turns out to be, would be applied to annexations and new non-residential projects, explained Joey Staufer, Eagle Police Chief.

“It will offset some of the capital expenses that are inherent with any new growth in a community. This is not for operating costs. This is just capital – vehicles, equipment and other gear needed.”

Eagle’s fire district has an impact fee for the better part of two decades, approved under former Eagle Fire Chief Jon Asper.

Greater Eagle Fire Chief Doug Cupp, Staufer and others have been tossing around the idea of a public safety building, a scaled down version of Avon’s new building. The two Eagle agencies would share resources and training facilities, which would save some money down the road, Staufer said.

The land for the public safety building would be dedicated to the fire department. The building would house a 1,200-square foot police substation.

The fire department will spend $20,000 this year to study whether it’s feasible. The fire department would like to start building the facility in 2022, according to the police impact fee proposal before Eagle’s town board.

Eagle’s fees are not unique

Impact fees for police departments are not unique to Eagle.

Ignacio charges $805 per commercial unit and $195 per single family home.

Keenesburg charges $0.39 per square foot for a commercial  unit and $881 per single family home.

Johnstown charges $0.16 per square foot for a commercial unit and $319 per dwelling.

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