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Eagle police chief placed on leave

Scott N. Miller

The Eagle Town Board of Trustees made the move late last month following complaints lodged against Biersdorfer by employees of both the police department and the town administrative staff.

Eagle Town Attorney Ed Sands said the complaints were lodged by town employees, not residents of the town, and are not criminal in nature. And while personnel issues are confidential by law, Sands did say the complaints are only allegations at the moment.

“We really need to maintain a presumption of being innocent until proven guilty with this,” he said, adding that town officials view the complaints lodged against Biersdorfer as “serious.”

“The Town Board acted almost immediately upon gaining knowledge of this,” Sands said.

The investigation into the allegations is being conducted by Michael Gratton, a Grand Junction-based attorney who specializes in employment law. Following the investigation, Town Manager Willy Powell will determine what, if any, action should be taken. However, as the top administrative officer, the town manager has the authority make decisions in personnel issues.

Sands said Powell’s options including taking no action, issuing a verbal reprimand or even terminating Biersdorfer’s employment. Biersdorfer, the town’s police chief since April 1993, would have the opportunity to appeal any action to the Town Board.

Sands added he expects Powell to get the report soon and to act soon thereafter.

“I hope to be back at work soon,” said Biersdorfer, who has been with the Eagle Police for 23 years.

This story first appeared in the Eagle Valley Enterprise.

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