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Eagle Police Department earns state accreditation

Operations Sgt. Carrie Buhlman receives award of excellence for her dedication in helping the department become accredited

Eagle Police Chief Joey Staufer, left, presents Operations Sgt. Carrie Buhlman with the Town of Eagle Chief of Police Outstanding Service Award on Tuesday.
Eagle Police Department/Courtesy photo

The Eagle Police Department on Tuesday received professional accreditation by the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police. The milestone marked the culmination of years of hard work, Police Chief Joey Staufer said.

The accreditation was officially presented to representatives of the Eagle Police Department at a Tuesday evening meeting of the Eagle Town Council.

“I was just the architect; everybody here, you’re the worker bees. You made this happen,” Staufer said as he invited his team to step forward and be honored with him.

The accreditation was presented to the department by CACP chief and Basalt Police Chief Greg Knott.

“To become accredited, you have to meet 230 standards — that’s a lot,” Knott said in a speech at Tuesday’s meeting.

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“Accreditation is very challenging, as you know,” Knott said, turning to look at the representatives of the Eagle Police Department standing next to him.

Of the 239 law enforcement agencies in Colorado, only 36 have received professional accreditation with the CACP because of how rigorous the requirements are, Knott said.

“Excellent work, and I’m very proud of you,” he said.

Basalt Police Chief Greg Knott (center) recognizes the Eagle Police Department for earning professional accreditation with the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police. Knott is also the Chief of the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police.
Screenshot of video livestream

This recognition represents years of strategic planning and efforts to “modernize and rebuild” the Eagle Police Department, according to a news release issued Wednesday. The effort began with the election of Staufer as police chief in 2015 but was supported by the hard work of the department and community feedback.

The strategic plan was formed with CAPC accreditation in mind. The work that followed required the purchase of new equipment, creation of new policies, securing staff certifications and the expansion of community engagement and community policing programs, according to the release.

The department was tasked with passing a slew of professional standards and written objectives, as well as team interviews and an on-site visit from CACP.

“Our journey was met with various challenges, (including) staffing, economics, policy shifts, critical incidents, software failures and a pandemic,” the release stated. “Yet, Eagle Police Department’s team showed persistence and continued working diligently toward the ultimate goal of professional accreditation.”

Also recognized at Tuesday’s Town Council meeting was Operations Sgt. Carrie Buhlman of the Eagle Police Department. Staufer presented Buhlman with the Town of Eagle Chief of Police Outstanding Service Award.

Buhlman played an integral role in helping the department earn the professional accreditation it was presented with on Tuesday, according to a letter written by Staufer to the Town Council.

She has served her community through the Eagle Police Department for nine years.

“It is not uncommon to think of commendations and awards in public safety related to a specific critical incident, personal bravery, and sacrifice, lifesaving or another heroic act,” Staufer wrote in the letter.

“Yet, in public safety, there are many examples of outstanding (and) distinguished ‘behind the scenes’ service by team members that clearly exceed the expectations of regularly assigned responsibilities (and) reflect upon the accomplishment of an exceptionally difficult goal,” Staufer continued. “This award represents an example of such service.”

Eagle Town Council members, town staff, police officers and the crowd stood and clapped for Buhlman as Staufer presented her with the award.

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