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Eagle Police officer honored with department’s ‘Lifesaving Award’

Officer helped get critical medical help to a town resident; has earned three Lifesaver awards in three years

Eagle Police Chief Joe Staufer, left, presented officer Dominik Scriver with the department's Lifesaver Award. Scriver has earned three of those awards in the past three years.

Officer Dominik Scriver has been honored with the Eagle Police Department’s Lifesaving Award.

On April 29, Scriver responded to a call of a welfare check from a concerned acquaintance for a man living at home alone. Scriver was able to make contact with the man and spoke with the him through the front door.  Due to COVID-19 procedures, Scriver did not enter the home, due to the man expressing symptoms of COVID-19 and being bedridden.

Scriver summoned an ambulance and the individual was treated at home.  The man refused to be taken to the hospital and medical staff consulted with a doctor to determine a reasonable course of action. It was determined that medical services would return to the home later that day for further evaluation.

On April 30, Scriver returned to the residence of the person, since he had not been provided with follow-up information from the previous day.  He remained concerned about the individual’s health. 

Scriver looked through the window near the front door and discovered the man on the floor at the bottom of the stairs.  It appeared he had fallen down the stairs and was in critical need of medical care. 

Officer Scriver summoned an urgent medical response. The man was transported to the hospital in critical condition.  The outlook for the man was grim, but he survived. After two weeks in the hospital, the man was transported to a neurological center in the Denver area.  

Scriver was subsequently contacted by a family member who thanked him for going back to the home. The family member expressed his relative would have not survived if not for the immediate medical care provided. 

“I don’t know how much longer [the individual will] make it, but you gave him another chance,” the family member told Scriver. 

After receiving information about this call for service from Eagle Police Chief Joe Staufer, Clinical Manger Will Dunn on June 2 provided a letter of commendation to Scriver. 

“While I’m sure that Officer Scriver would say it was all in a day’s work, his actions are commendable, and his dedication to the citizens of Eagle is exemplary,” Dunn wrote. “While nothing is for certain, I believe that Officer Scriver’s actions were life-saving.” 

In a release about Scriver’s award, Staufer wrote:

“As I was with Officer Scriver on his first assessment of this individual, I concur with the thoughts of Will Dunn. I also believe that Officer Scriver worked diligently and thoughtfully (within the confines of COVID-19 temporary procedures) and determined a need for medical care. His undirected follow-up the next day demonstrated tact and tenacity in the execution of empathetic care for the community he serves. This approach ultimately resulted in saving the life of this individual.”

In an email, Scriver wrote: “I’ve received three “Lifesaving Awards” in three years. I don’t believe that I’m doing anything special or anything different from any other officers. And I don’t know if I’m deserving of any awards or recognition. I just seem to be in the right place at the right time. I think I can speak for every law enforcement officer in Eagle County and beyond when I say, we don’t wake up every morning thinking about winning awards. We do this job because we love our community and we want to help where we can. I’ve lived in Eagle County since I was five years old. This county has given so much to me and supported my family and me through so much. I’m just honored to be able to serve this community and give back as much as I can. I want to thank the town of Eagle and Eagle Police Department for providing me with this opportunity to be of service.”

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