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Eagle police report: Devil in the head

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Eagle, CO Colorado

Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.

EAGLE, Colorado – A woman called police on June 11 after a man made strange and threatening statements to her daughter at their home on Third Street. The mom was concerned that the man was on drugs.

The daughter told police she and the man used to be good friends – and only friends – before she moved away five years ago. She’d come back to see her old friends and the man came by the house to talk. The daughter said his pupils were huge and he said strange things that made her uncomfortable. She asked him to leave, which he did. Later that day, she returned to the house and found the man waiting in the driveway inside his car. He said even more strange things, telling her she had the devil in her and she needed to shave her head to get them out. He then left.

Sheriff’s deputies stopped the man’s vehicle in Edwards and he was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs.

Bad neighbors

EAGLE – A woman called police on June 19 to report that she had been harassed by her neighbor on Bluffs Drive.

She told a responding officer that she was in her front yard when a man from a neighboring residence came outside and screamed at her about her dog barking. She said the man called her “white trash” and frightened her and her kids. She told the officer that she has never spoken to the man before and that her daughter was once bitten by the man’s dog. She said she didn’t want to press charges, just for police to talk to the man.

A policeman spoke to the neighbor. The man told the officer the woman’s husband started his Harley-Davidson motorcycle at 6 a.m. that morning and revved the engine obnoxiously, which was loud and disturbed his sleep. The man said the engine also started the dog barking, which continued long after the husband left on the motorcycle. The man said he later went out and asked the woman to do something about her dog. He admitted to calling her white trash and said he shouldn’t have done that.

The man further explained that the dog-barking issue had gone on for a long time. He said other neighbors had made complaints about the family as well. He said the dog is left out on the back deck or in the garage and barks constantly while at those locations. He said about three years ago the neighbor’s daughter entered his house uninvited and was bitten after she was told to stay away from their dog. The man said the resulting medical bill strained relationships between the two households. He added that his wife has been threatened by the husband and that there was also a sign in the neighbors’ garage window that reads, “You’re next.” The man said he isn’t sure what the sign means but it faces his house. The policeman observed the sign and the man’s description of it was accurate.

On June 22, the officer received information that the woman who made the call on June 19 wanted to press charges. The man received a summons for harassment and was advised to call animal control with documentation about the dog barking.

Boxed-up anger

EAGLE – A Fed Ex employee told police on June 21 an upset customer came into the building on Marmot Street and threatened her.

She said the customer wanted his money back but she couldn’t give him the refund directly. She told him this and offered a phone number for him to call to receive the refund. The man didn’t like the reply and kept arguing with her. The employee said the man then threatened to jump over the counter and beat her up if she didn’t give him the money. The employee said she went to the phone and picked up the receiver, to which the man made another remark before leaving the building. The man sat in his truck a few minutes and left, the employee said.

The employee said she was going to blow it off but her manager required her to report it. She didn’t want to press charges but wanted police to contact the man and tell him he is banned from the building.

An officer talked to the man, who denied threatening the woman and became very agitated with the officer. The officer told him he is no longer welcome at the building. The man said he would never go there again.

A stinky case

EAGLE – On June 20, a man reported that someone had tampered with a downspout on the back of his house and a dead-animal odor was emanating from it. An officer went to the North Penstemon Lane residence and observed the damage.

The man said he is a district manager for a bank and part of his job is doing house foreclosures. He said there are several people that may not like him due to his job.

The man said he saw one of his downspouts had been removed at the bottom that day. He found the pipe farther away from the home with both ends flattened.

The policeman picked up the pipe and tilted it from side to side. He could hear and feel that something the size of a hamster was in the pipe and the odor of dead animal was strong.

The man added that his wife is an attorney and there was an incident at her work where there was a foul odor after what appeared to be a break-in. He asked police for extra patrol in the area.

He caused a pain in the rear

EAGLE – A man was charged with DUI and careless driving after rear-ending a Toyota 4Runner that was stopped at a traffic light on June 28. The accident happened at the westbound Interstate 70 off-ramp junction with Eby Creek Road.

When police arrived, the victim showed them a dent with scratches on the tailgate of his vehicle. He also pointed out the man who rear-ended him, who was standing next to his Dodge Ram pickup truck in the Loaf ‘N Jug parking lot.

An officer who talked with the man immediately smelled alcohol on his breath and noticed he was vigorously chewing on gum. He asked the man about four times if he had been drinking and the man said no each time. The officer asked the man if he was lying and the man then said he had one beer.

The man was consequently examined for being under the influence. He failed roadside maneuvers and blew a .113 breath-alcohol content. He was issued a summons for careless driving, DUI and failure to display two license plates.

Slashed tires

EAGLE – A man told police on June 20 that three tires on his Orkin work truck were slashed while it was parked across the alley from his second-floor apartment off Broadway.

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