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Eagle police reports: Too drunk, too young

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Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.

EAGLE, Colorado – An officer stopped a driver June 4 after seeing him roll through a red light in Eagle.

The policeman caught up with the driver on Interstate 70. He immediately smelled alcohol on the driver, who had bloodshot, watery eyes. The man admitted to drinking two beers that evening. The officer noticed empty beer bottles and cans on the floor of the front passenger seat. The man gave the officer the vehicle’s registration but did not have a driver’s license or proof of insurance.

A translator was called to the scene because the man didn’t understand English very well. The man told the translator his correct name but gave a birth date that turned out to be false, which would’ve made him 21. The man was 18.

Due to traffic noise on I-70, the man couldn’t hear instructions for voluntary roadside maneuvers. Police took him to the Eagle County jail to complete the maneuvers.

After attempting to stand on one leg and count, the frustrated man declined to finish the maneuvers, opting for a breath test instead. The Intoxilyzer at the jail wasn’t working, so the man was taken to the Avon Police Department, where he blew a .095 breath-alcohol content.

While en route back to the county jail, dispatch informed the officer that the man’s license was revoked for a previous drinking-and-driving offense and that he had a warrant from the county for failing to comply.

Upon returning to the county jail, the man was asked to read a sign that explained it is illegal to bring drugs or weapons into the jail. The officer asked the man if he understood. The man nodded yes and said he didn’t have any drugs or weapons. However, as a jail deputy searched the man, he found two small bags of cocaine in his left front shirt pocket.

Prowling peeper

EAGLE – A policeman was dispatched to a home on Hernage Creek Road on June 5 in response to a call that a prowler was in the area.

The two girls who were at the home told police they noticed a car following them when they left City Market earlier that night. They described the car as small and off-white. They said the car followed them closely until they turned off on 4th of July Road.

One of the girls said she and her friend fell asleep watching movies. She woke up around 2 a.m. and saw a Hispanic man standing in a large window. She said when she spotted him the man ran off, heading west. She thought he was about 5 feet, 10 or 11 inches tall and was wearing a red shirt.

The other girl said she never clearly saw the man. She said she woke up to her friend telling her to go to the bedroom and call police.

Officers searched the area around the house and found small foot prints – about seven inches long – leading away from the house. The shoe imprints were of Vans.

Police also viewed video footage from City Market. No car was seen leaving with or after the girl’s vehicle.

No memory

EAGLE – A 55-year-old Avon man called police June 13 to report that his backpack was stolen while he was at an Eagle bar sometime “in the last couple of weeks.”

The man wasn’t able to recall exactly when he was at the bar. The officer talking to the man on the phone reminded him that he was taken into protective custody for being intoxicated at an Eagle convenience store earlier this month. That happened a few minutes before midnight June 5. The man said it must have been then that his backpack was stolen.

He said his backpack contained his wallet and cell phone, and was placed on the floor under his bar stool, a few seats away from the bathrooms. He said he didn’t notice his backpack had been stolen when he left. Days later, he noticed his backpack was missing and called an employee at the saloon. The employee told the man he had video footage from security cameras.

The officer asked the man what was in his wallet, the make and model of his cell phone and what else was in the backpack. The man couldn’t remember anything.

The officer told the man he would get a copy of the surveillance video and work the case. The man didn’t have any contact information available but said he would call Eagle Police to find out the status of the case when he could.

The officer asked the policeman who contacted the man on June 5 about the backpack. The policeman said the man did not have a backpack with him at that time.

Man needs a calendar

EAGLE – An officer was patrolling Church Street on June 14 when he recognized a man from a previous encounter.

The officer knew the man had a warrant for failing to appear in Eagle’s municipal court. The policeman pulled up alongside the man and asked his name to confirm he was who he thought. The officer was correct about the man’s identity and he asked the man if he made his court date. The man said it was next month. The policeman had him wait while he checked with dispatch, which confirmed the man had missed the court date.

The man seemed surprised. He was taken into custody without incident.

Driving too slow

EAGLE – On June 15, a policeman was driving on Grand Avenue when he came behind a green Honda traveling 20 mph in a 35 mph zone. He initiated a traffic stop and told the driver why he stopped her. She apologized and said she wasn’t used to driving a stick-shift vehicle.

The officer asked for her license and she said she didn’t have one. He asked where it was. She said there was a problem but it was worked out.

The officer then asked the passenger if she had a driver’s license. The passenger said no, that’s why the other woman was driving.

The policeman found out through dispatch the license of the driver was canceled. He issued the woman a summons for impeding traffic and driving under restraint.

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