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Eagle project makes no sense

Kathy Olson, Eagle

I could not believe the letter I read last week in the Eagle Enterprise and Vail Daily from Sarah Braucht (doesn’t she work for the Town of Eagle?) comparing us to Glenwood Springs. Are proponents of Eagle River Station nuts?

This is my two cents worth: Eagle should no more should be compared to Glenwood, than it should to Wolcott, Edwards, Avon or any other town anywhere. Eagle is unique and should remain so. More sprawl is not what we bargained for when we all moved here. I like our “cow town” as Sarah put it. That’s why I moved here. Eagle’s rural flavor reminded me of the Midwest where I grew up.

How could anyone even think people from Glenwood, Aspen or anywhere on the Western Slope would come here to shop regularly when there are already major box stores in Glenwood? This makes no sense! Even if a major retailer moved in that isn’t anywhere around here yet, there aren’t enough daily shoppers to support a center this large. The sales tax revenue will be a mute point if there is no one shopping daily.

Plus, what about employees? No one would be ringing up sales at these stores since the employee situation here is in “crisis mode.” It’s talked about in the news everyday. So are mall closings all over the U.S. Long-term, big businesses are closing, like Castle Peak Ford.

There are also many empty warehouses, retail spaces and commercial buildings that they can’t give away. Caddis Corner and many other buildings around the lower valley have vacant spots and have been for over a year now. And 581 units to house service/retail workers? What workers? What are people thinking?

Every store in Eagle has affordable items. Sarah doesn’t shop at any of them” she said so in her article. I also heard the Town of Eagle may have to “cost-share” with the developer. How does anyone know what Eagle River Station will cost us, let alone “make” us?

If Eagle River Station were successful, I really don’t want to wait 20-25 years to see the revenue, and as Dave Eckardt pointed out in his Vail Daily letter to the editor on Sept. 10, the town of Glenwood gets a much better deal than the one I have seen we’d get from Eagle River Station.

We’ll all find out soon enough at the finance meeting in a few weeks. Eagle River Station and all its impacts are way too high a price to pay” at least for this Eagle citizen who longs for what drew me to this place to begin with. Eagle is special. Don’t let Eagle River Station ruin it!

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