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Eagle proposes leash law changes

Kathy Heicher
Kathy Heicher/Enterprise Kim Galko and her dog, Gus, go for a stroll in Eagle.

EAGLE – Eagle residents will get to study and discuss the town’s proposal for a new leash law at an open house from 6 to 8 p.m., Monday at the Town Hall.

Town staff members will present the proposal and residents will have time to ask questions and make suggestions. The town is proposing: • All dogs be under physical or immediate control of the owner or handler. Physical control is a leash. “Immediate control” means the handler is within 10 feet of the dog, and can control it with verbal commands, whistling or an electronic device.• All dogs must be under physical control while on, or within 15 feet of any paved public path, sidewalk, street or alley.

• Dogs will not be allowed within 100 feet of any athletic field, playground, park or open space area while an event or activity is in progress unless the dog is on a paved path, sidewalk, street or alley.• Public areas with large numbers of people, especially children or senior citizens, are not appropriate places for dogs. • Dog owners should look for other areas to walk or exercise their dogs if they encounter groups of people using a park, athletic field or open-space area.

• Dogs can exercise without a leash while playing fetch, chasing a stick, running after a Frisbee or being trained with accepted methods as long as they are not more than 150 feet from the owner or handler. • It is the responsibility of the dog handler to guarantee that the dog is 100 percent friendly in all circumstances when not on a leash.For more information, visit the Eagle’s Web site or call the town at 328-6354.Vail, Colorado

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