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Eagle resident all for Eagle River Station

Im John Cortez, I am an Eagle resident that has lived in town and now currently live in Eagle Ranch (which technically is also in town). Some of you know me, some of you dont. During the past two years of the Eagle River Station debate (apart from a couple of early meetings), Ive been silent on the issue mainly because I think logic usually prevails and the project will eventually get passed. Well, of course, what I thought was a no-brainer decision has gone on for more than two years now, and I see in some of the opponents records that at one time the town of Eagle Planning&Zoning Commission actually denied the project. I dont know if that denial still exists because that took place sometime in August of 2008 and there may have been some logical reason for it (if not shame on you P&Z). Of course, the key to this whole thing is logic. If this issue were taking place in 1990 or even as late as 1995, it may be logical. But when the town of Eagle voted to approve the East West Partners development of Eagle Ranch, the character, composition, and complex of the entire greater Town of Eagle area mandated a change to the 21st century and said goodbye to what could eventually have become another Red Cliff. Have any of you driven through Red Cliff lately? And I mean no disrespect to the town people of Red Cliff because with the approval of the Ginn complex they to will be going through their own renaissance period in the next couple of years. I think that smartly and logically, they will accept and approve the change that is coming.I dont know where the term silence is golden came from, but I expect there exists a silent majority of people in the town of Eagle that may come to regret the term if the small minority of people (some of whom are not even town residents) successfully lobby our town council against a resolution that should be a no-brainer to allow the development of ERS. I am ever hopeful that logic will prevail and that the time-consuming efforts and hard work over the past two years that is being put forth by the town staff and town council is majorly being driven by hard-fast negotiations to obtain the best deal possible from the developers on behalf of all town of Eagle residents. Of course, in the end the project needs to get approved sooner than later. And I am confident that with the approval of Eagle River Station, Eagles small-town charm will still be prevalent and that eyesores like the wooden cabins at the intersections of Capitol and Grand streets, the ever-vacant Loaf & Jug on Grand Street, and many of the existing functioning businesses along Grand Street will come to see newer and better fixtures-facades to replace the existing eyesores. That is what I would call smart growth. Not the ever-growing pipe, dirt and rock storage dump that we now see very clearly on the south side of I-70.Town council, I am not sure if a tally is being kept for polling purposes on who is for or against the ERS project, but make sure you count me in as a town resident in support of approval.John CortezEagle

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