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Eagle River Fire Protection voters should have two ballots; Vail voters one

Eagle River Fire Protection District voters should have received two ballots in the mail. Those who did not have until Monday to have one mailed to them.
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This story was corrected to reflect the locations of Eagle County Voter Service Centers.

While Vail voters are only receiving one ballot this November, in other parts of the county, residents are receiving two.

Registered voters who live in the Eagle River Fire and Protection District should have received two ballots, and while they look similar on the outside, they’re quite different.

“We’ve been getting calls from voters: ‘Why did did I receive two ballots,'” O’Brien said on Saturday.

Her response: “Open the ballots.”

The ballots should be different, as the Eagle River Fire Protection District is conducting a separate election from Eagle County. Eagle County is, however, cooperating with the town of Vail this year, so there has been some confusion, as town of Vail voters are only receiving one ballot that includes Vail’s municipal measure.

Mistaken identity

The first thing everyone is going to want to do, O’Brien said, is verify that they have their actual ballot, with all the major elections up to the president, as there are people who have received the Eagle River Fire Protection District ballot and assumed it was their main ballot without opening it.

There are also people in the county who have changed addresses, or changed PO Boxes, or submitted a new voter registration form using their PO Box without having a residential address on file, which may have made their ballots undeliverable.

“Ballots, by law, are not forward-able,” O’Brien said.

People in the situations described by O’Brien will not have received their ballots, and will need to re-register in order to receive them. They have until Monday to do so online; Monday is the registration deadline for anyone who would like to vote by having your ballot delivered to your mailbox. After that, you’ll have to visit a voter service center in person in order to receive a ballot, O’Brien said, and that ballot will then need to be dropped off in person to ensure it arrives on time to be counted.

In Avon, the voter service center is not located at the clerk’s office, it has moved to Avon Town Hall at 100 Mikaela Way to accommodate social distancing. The Eagle Vote Center is at the County building at 500 Broadway. The El Jebel Vote Center located at the County Community Center next to Crown Mountain Park. The Vail Voter Service Center will open this coming Friday, October 30 at the Grand View Room atop the Lionshead parking structure. 

The full list of voter service centers, dates and times of operation can be found on the Eagle County website.

Drop off after Monday

For everyone who has already received a ballot and wants to vote by visiting the mailbox rather than the ballot box, election officials are recommending you mail those in by Monday, as well. After that, the ballot box drop-off locations are recommended.

The Eagle River Fire Protection District ballot is also recommended to be mailed by Monday, for those choosing to use the mail service.

The only drop-off location for the Eagle River Fire Protection District is the ballot box at the district’s administrative offices, located at 1050 Edwards Village Blvd. in Edwards.

O’Brien said in thinking about 2020 versus previous elections, it seems like there have been a lot more ballot inquiries this time around.

“We’ve received a large volume of phone calls and emails from voters saying ‘I turned in my ballot, can you confirm that you’ve received it?'” she said. “Just people wanting to make sure their votes are counting, that their ballots are being received.”

Voters wanting to track their ballots can use the ballottrax website to alert them about the state of their ballots through every step of the process.

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