Eagle River Preserve vehicle access closed for winter

EDWARDS, Colorado – The Eagle River Preserve is officially closed to vehicles for the winter season to allow wildlife to utilize the area as a winter habitat. Pedestrian access is still available from the Highway 6 and northeast gates.-

Officials are reminding all Eagle River Preserve users not to disturb wildlife, such as deer and elk, they may encounter in the preserve. Dogs must be kept on a leash while on the property, with the exception of the off-leash area in the northeast corner of the property. However, pet owners are asked to keep dogs on a leash in all areas of the preserve if wildlife is present.

The Eagle River Preserve will reopen to vehicles in the spring after the snow melts and a thorough walk-through has been performed to assure public safety.-For more information, call Eagle County Open Space Director Toby Sprunk at 970-328-8698.

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