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Eagle River Station is best for Eagle

John Cortez
Eagle, CO, Colorado

I have received a few e-mails from Citizens for the Future of Eagle and others in response to my Dec 4 e-mail expressing their views on opposition to the Eagle River Station project. My intent in stating my views was generated in response to a mass mailing I received in my U.S. postal box, which seemed to be implying that all of Eagle was outraged. I have spoken to several people that want the project to move forward, but I gather there is no established group to express the views of those that are in favor of the ERS project. Consequently, I see no mass mailings to support ERS in my postal box.

In spite of what I hear from the opponents in their e-mails, I still believe there are a greater number of people who want this project implemented as opposed to those who don’t. In the end, everyone has their own reasons for or against.

All developer negotiations aside, I expect it will be a tough decision for the Town Board to make. I think the board has even considered a possible referendum, which if conducted may be a binding situation. I would like to propose instead, a simple mailing to all town residents with two check-off boxes: (1 YES 2 NO) just to get a flavor of where the real numbers are. I realize I am making this sound oversimplistic, but just to get the pulse of the people. Maybe that all that is needed.

Now as to reasons why I would want ERS in Eagle here are a few:

1. I don’t want my property taxes to drive me out of town.

2. I earnestly feel that this project will blend in well with the town of Eagle (smart growth).

3. From my experience in other towns, I firmly believe this project will help the existing Eagle/Eagle Ranch retail establishments prosper much more than they are today.

4. I also believe that this project will help to rejuvenate smart-growth establishments along Grand Street.

5. I will fully welcome an I-70 interchange east of Eby Creek Road.

6. While the CFE may think there is sufficient retail in Eagle to support all the citizens in Eagle, I fcan rarely find what I need and consequently I have to spend my tax dollars in Gypsum, Avon, Glenwood and Denver. I would much rather spend my tax dollars in Eagle.

John Cortez

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