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Eagle River Station meeting delayed

EAGLE, Colorado ” Turns out the arduous public hearing schedule for the Eagle River Station project was a bit overly ambitious.

Noting that the weekly hearing schedule was outpacing staff’s ability to made credible and objective review of the proposed shopping center and housing complex, the Eagle Town Board and the Eagle Planning and Zoning Commission have decided to put off any further hearings for three weeks.

The project will be back before the town on March 5.

Earlier this month, the Eagle town board and began joint meetings with its planning advisory board to review Eagle River Station. After only two joint meetings, however, questions and comments regarding the plan began to pile up and staff was feeling a pinch.

The staff, however, has not found any fatal flaws in the plan, Town Manager Willy Powell said.

“The current review schedule has not allowed staff to make detailed comments on the application for important engineering items such as traffic and water service,” Powell said.

The delay also appears to have the support of the developer, Trinity RED Eagle. Paul Witt, a representative for Trinity RED Eagle and a former Eagle Town Board member, said wanted to present good information and allow the town time to react to their presentations.

But the continuance decision does leave some big unanswered questions for Eagle River Station’s public hearing process. By halting the public hearing schedule for three weeks, Eagle has all but assured the current town board will not be the entity that makes the final call about Eagle River Station.

Eagle municipal elections are slated for Tuesday, April 1. Mayor Jon Stavney and town board member Jay Bryant have both announced they will not seek re-election. Additionally, there are two other seats ” currently held by Ed Woodland and Kraige Kinney ” up for grabs.

At least two people who have not participated in the Eagle River Station review process to date will be responsible for deciding the issue.

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