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Eagle River Station review will continue

EAGLE, Colorado – It’s now 2012, and the Eagle Town Board is wasting no time amping up its Eagle River Station review process.

The town has a new, revised hearing schedule for its Eagle River Station deliberations, which began this week with discussion of lighting, signs, wildlife concerns and more.

“I think the month ahead is going to be a condensed study session. We are going to try to get a lot done,” Eagle Mayor Ed Woodland said.

Eagle River Station is a project proposed by Trinity RED Development of Kansas City, Mo., on the eastern end of town south of Interstate 70 and north of U.S. Highway 6. The 88-acre property would include 582,000 square feet of commercial space and 250 rental units in the first phase. Back in 2009, the Town Board approved a plan for the development, but in a municipal election in January 2010, voters rejected the proposal. RED Development has since retooled the proposal and resubmitted it to the town in May. In the fall, members of the Eagle Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the revised ERS plan, clearing the way for the Town Board to begin its review of the project.

As they began discussions, Town Board members said that many of the issues surrounding the ERS plan had been hammered out during the earlier review process. For instance, lighting standards and wildlife-mitigation plans were vetted at that time and those aspects of the proposal have been carried through in the new submission. However, Woodland said that there are some areas that will again be up for extensive review, most notably the financial deal that the town and RED come to regarding ERS.

“The financial deal is the most important aspect of this. People are going to want to know that the town is getting out of this deal,” Woodland said. “The one thing we are going to be keeping in place is making sure the developer provides certain performance guarantees.”

Woodland said that the previous proposal, as well as any future ERS plan, must include financial assurances that the town will not be left liable if the project isn’t completed.

“The town will not be left on the hook for public improvements,” Woodland said.

As the town board continues with its review schedule, Woodland said that there has been a marked drop in the number of people who are offering public comment during the hearings.

“A lot of people believe they are going to be able to vote on this, one way or another,” Woodland said.

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