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Eagle River Station won’t work

Brandi Resa Eagle

Wake up Eagle!

Although I haven’t lived in Eagle a long time, I am shocked that there are not more residents screaming from the mountain tops about the Eagle River Station plan. Even if you consider a lot of “ifs,” the plan simply does not make sense for the Town of Eagle.

The “ifs” include: if the economy was good, if gas prices weren’t skyrocketing, if there was not direct competition in the region from Glenwood Springs, Gypsum, Avon, and Silverthorne, if there was employee housing, and if the people in the area had tons of disposable income.

But even with the best-case scenario of all of these items, the Town of Eagle should not approve this plan. The project creates a giant strip mall that MIGHT include employee housing and will not guarantee any financial windfall for the town. I am sure that everyone in Eagle agrees that there are issues that need addressed related to infrastructure and projected growth, but I also think that people live in Eagle for a reason. After living in Avon for a couple of years, my husband and I moved to Eagle because it was an actual town. The feeling in Eagle at the weekly summer concerts and various events is that the town is a community. Creating a strip mall on the outskirts of town would destroy this community feeling and drive the community-minded people away.

I’ve also heard several people say that those of us that are against the Eagle River Station plan are against development of any kind. This is not accurate as we are only opposed to development which is poorly planned and does not solve any of the real issues in Eagle. For example, the town is saying the development is for the longterm plan and not based on current conditions.

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If that is true, why is a west interchange not a better solution than an east interchange which does nothing to alleviate any of the traffic issues we currently have and those future issues which will be created with any kind of growth. Another example could be the post office, grocery store, and daycare center proposed as a condition by Bill Gray.

The developers want this condition removed but said they would make a reasonable effort to have this type of tenant. If Eagle is really such a viable market and retail attraction, why can’t Eagle demand what the town needs instead of acquiescing to what the developer needs to make money.

This project and the presentation of the information has so many glaring holes that as stated above, I can’t imagine how anyone with sense can argue that it is a good fit for Eagle.

For those of you that still think it is a good plan, I ask that you wake up and smell what they are shoveling … or come to a meeting and make the decision on the information presented instead of promises that are simply not reality in our wonderful mountain community.

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