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Eagle River Station would create 1,888 jobs

Special to the DailyThis early rendering of Eagle River Station shows five story buildings. However, plans have since changed to build four story buildings instead.

EAGLE, Colorado ” Studying building heights, parking spaces, and affordable housing, the Eagle Town Board continues to pore over the details of the Eagle River Station proposal.

Eagle River Station developer Mike Hans of Kansas City, Mo.-based RED development noted the project has a letter of intent from an “anchor” tenant and has generated a lot of interest from other retailers. Confidentiality agreements prevent him from disclosing additional information, but he added that Eagle River Station is a solid economic proposal, he said.

As part of the overall development plan, Eagle River Station would build 581 housing units both for its own employees and for other workers in Eagle County. Consultant Heidi Aggelar said 58 of the units would be deed restricted in the town of Eagle’s housing program. An additional 105 units would be classified as workforce housing. The remaining units would be sold on the free market.

In response to question regarding the housing need at Eagle River Station, Aggelar estimated that 1,888 jobs would be created at the development including:

– 1,320 retail sales jobs.

– 365 bar/restaurant jobs.

– 130 lodging jobs.

– 71 residential development jobs.

She noted, however, that 1,888 jobs does not equate to the need for that many housing units because employees will share units and some workers will already reside in Eagle.

Aggelar said home prices will range from $174,000 for studios to $389,000 for three-bedroom units.

“Eagle River Station is substantially more affordable than anything you can get in the market now,” she said.

Town Board members expressed willingness to accept the housing plan.

“I personally feel you have met the housing requirement,” said Eagle Mayor Ed Woodland.

Condos would be located above the stores, and construction would be phased, Hans said.

Discussion about building heights was more contentious. The developers are proposing four-story buildings as tall as 62 feet.

Town Board members wondered whether four-story buildings were too tall.

Trustee Scott Hunn asked the developer to complete models and computer-generated images to illustrate the proposed building height.

“I think we need the best information we can get in making this decision,” he said.

The developer was adamant about the need for 2,499 parking spaces.

“We would actually make the argument we are short on parking,” said Jeff McMahon of RED Development. “We need the parking because everyone shows up in a vehicle to shop.”

Trustee Roxie Deane noted the parking plan could be enhanced with more landscaping.

“It’s a lot of parking, but if the project is successful, you are going to need the parking,” Deane said.

The next hearing is slated for 6 p.m. Nov. 12 at Eagle Town Hall.

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