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Eagle River under flood watch

The Eagle River is expected to reach high runoff levels this weekend and may potentially flood low-lying areas near its banks. The Gypsum Fire Protection District is contacting homeowners who live along the riverbanks to warn them of the rising river.

The district has also posted, and will continue to post, timely flood information on its Facebook page and is working with the town to provide sandbags and sand to homeowners for private property protection. Sand and sandbags are available at the town of Gypsum maintenance facility, located on Cooley Mesa Road, free of charge, to any homeowner who needs them. Sand has also been placed in strategic areas for homeowners to use for sandbagging.

In previous years, the Fire Protection District was able to respond to flooding with more resources and manpower. Due to sharp decreases in property tax revenue, the district has reduced its staffing, and as a result, their response is now limited.

Gypsum Fire Protection District remains committed to working with the town of Gypsum to facilitate emergency evacuations. The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office is also providing watch patrols along the river and will assist in emergency evacuations if they become necessary.

Residents can sign up for emergency notifications at http://www.ecalert.org . The town of Gypsum’s emergency on-call number is 970-904-0159. Individual residents who live outside the town can contact the Eagle County Department of Emergency Management for sandbags by appointment only at 970-328-3545. More information can be found at http://www.eaglecounty.us/Emergency/Emergency_Preparedness/Flooding/.

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