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Eagle River Water and Sanitation District — June 23, 2005

REGULAR MEETINGEAGLE RIVER WATER & SANITATION DISTRICTJune 23, 20051:00 p.m.06-23-01Public Comment06-23-02Consultant/Guest Introductions06-23-03Minutes of Meetingsa.Minutes of Regular Meeting of May 26, 2005 (Attachment 3a) Consideration: Approval or Modificationb.Minutes of Special Joint Meeting of May 26, 2005 (Attachment 3b) Consideration: Approval or Modification Draft Audited Financial Statements Bill Petrie, Clifton Gunderson, LLPYear Ending December 31, 2004 (Attachment Under Separate Cover)06-23-05Report by Water CounselGlenn PorzakBlack Lakes Memorandum of AgreementFlattops Ranches CaseEast Fork Pumpback Project (Attachment 5c) Raw Water Diversion PointsMinturn Water Issues06-23-06Report by Legal CounselJim Collins (Attachment 6)06-23-07Transitioning to a new board – May 2006 a.Committee Reassignmentsb.Potential Candidates06-23-08Report by General ManagerDennis GelvinGeneral Managers Report (Not available)b.Memorandum of Agreement with Department of Wildlife (Attachment 8b) c. Capital Improvement Projects Updated.Resolution to Sell Real Property (Attachment 8d) e.Water Authority Update f.Other MattersCONSENT AGENDA ITEMS06-23-09Consent Agenda Items–Consideration: Approval or Modification a.Ratification of Agreements and Change Orders Contract Log (Attachment 9a)b.Financial ReportMonthly Report (Attachment 9b)INFORMATION REPORTS06-23-10Operations ReportsCapital Improvements Projects Report (Attachment 10a)Capital Improvements Projects UERWA Report (Attachment 10b)Monthly Water Sales-ERWSD (Attachment 10c) Monthly Water Sales-UERWA (Attachment 10d) Distribution/Collection Report (Attachment 10e)Water Production/Consumption Report (Attachment 10f)g.UERWA May Referral Memo (Attachment 10g)h.ERWSD May Referral Memo (Attachment 10h)06-23-11Matters Pending and Future Agenda Items (Attachment 11)06-23-12Items Included in Mid-Month Packet (Attachment 12) 06-23-13Adjournment06-23-14FYIEagle River Water & Sanitation DistrictAgenda-June 23, 2005Page PAGE 2Vail Colorado

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