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Eagle River Watershed Council sponsors storm-drain stenciling, Aug. 27

EAGLE COUNTY — The Eagle River Watershed Council will sponsor a day of storm-drain stenciling for Storm Drain Awareness Day on Sunday.

The Watershed Council will provide youth groups with all of the materials necessary to stencil storm drains throughout Eagle County with the message “Dump No Waste, Drains to River” in both English and Spanish. Participants will also hand out bilingual educational pamphlets to engage and inform the local community about this important issue affecting water quality.

Rain and melting snow traveling along roads, sidewalks, rooftops and lawns can pick up motor oil, antifreeze, fertilizer, paint, pet waste, cigarette butts or litter and carry it directly into local streams. This is called urban runoff. Polluted storm water and urban runoff contaminates local waterways, harming plants, fish and wildlife and degrading the quality of the Eagle River. People who would never pollute a lake or river have poured pollutants down a storm drain without realizing it isn’t treated.

Volunteers will be thanked for their hard work with a pizza party on Sunday, Aug. 27, at the WECMRD Field House in Edwards from noon to 2 p.m. To get involved or learn more, call 970-827-5406 or email schoder@erwc.org.

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