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Eagle, state edge toward funding for roundabouts

EAGLE – So far, it’s just money on paper, but the inclusion of $5.8 million on a Colorado Department of Transportation future development schedule marks a significant step forward in Eagle’s quest to find funding for a series of roundabouts designed to alleviate traffic woes on Eby Creek Road.

Earlier this month, Eagle Town Engineer Tom Gosiorowski and CDOT East Programmatic Engineer Joe Elsen presented a request to the Eagle Town Board for $150,000 in the 2012 town budget.

The money will pay for full completion of construction documents for Phase I of the Eby Creek plan. Phase I includes construction of roundabouts at Market Street, the Interstate 70 ramps and Chambers Avenue, along with all the associated landscaping and pedestrian improvements.

But that wasn’t the big financial news of the evening. Gosiorowski said the planning money needed to happen in 2012 because state money for the project could become available in 2014.

“We are pretty optimistic about this. This is new news,” said Gosoirowski. He noted a Dec. 21 chart from CDOT calls out the $5.8 million expenditure for Eby Creek Road in 2014.

“A couple of months ago, this funding was not on the chart. There was a big hole in the chart for this project,” Gosiorowski said.

Elsen noted that the state funding source for the proposed Eby Creek Road work is a volatile one. However, Elsen added that by moving forward to complete the final plans, the town would be better positioned to take advantage of any funding that becomes available.

Elsen also submitted CDOT’s proposal to employ a construction manager-general contractor system for the Eby Creek project. Under this model, completion of the construction documents would include the selection of, and participation by, the general contractor hired for the job.

Elsen said by including the general contractor in the planning process, CDOT has found many problems are identified and addressed before construction begins.

“We are going to get everybody together as we are designing the project,” Elsen said. “I think the biggest thing is to get a general contractor on early to have them meet business owners and meet you and really figure out what makes Eagle tick,” said Elsen.

Town board members unanimously agreed to pay the $150,000 and asked what they could do to lobby the state for the project funding. Gosiorowski noted that CDOT personnel recognize that the Eby Creek project is a priority and that it is further along in terms of construction plans that some of the other competing projects.

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