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Eagle Town Board Candidate Brandi Resa

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Brandi Resa is an accountant who has lived in Eagle for three years

My profession is as an accountant. I received an accounting degree from the University of Missouri Columbia and have worked in various industries during my career, including more than five years at a real estate development company in Kansas City. Although I am a CPA, I do not work at a public firm. I am currently employed at The Gallegos Corporation.

I have lived in Eagle for nearly 3 years.

I love Eagle! I want to see Eagle prosper and grow and believe I can be a part of this. I understand the need for revenues to be greater than expenses and I can use my financial background to evaluate the financial viability of projects and the town’s long term fiscal needs that are most beneficial for Eagle. And, although I am an accountant, I am a critical objective thinker. I am good at visualizing the opportunities that may be available to us and I believe I can be a part of identifying these opportunities for the Town.

First the Town’s staff needs to change its mindset to be open to all revenue sources, even if in reviewing an option, “we have never done that before” in Eagle. We need to strive to be different. We should be more aggressive in attracting new businesses that citizens want in Eagle and retaining the existing ones. We must be persistent with “shop local” campaigns to reduce sales tax leakage and we should consider a community owned store. We should create a grant research team and a Town promotion team utilizing one of our best resources -the citizens.

Since I do not own the land, I do not think my individual vision is what matters. I do think that with any project, especially a parcel that large, we need to make sure that the citizens get to weigh in on the types and sizes of stores that best meet the specific needs of Eagle residents.

I do support infill. I understand it to encompass anything currently within the Town’s limits. This seems to be a no brainer since there is a limited amount of space the Town can annex over the next years and it makes sense to build upon what we have. Infill would include filling the empty spaces around Town. We, as a Town, need to be proactive in going after businesses we want with a persistent presentation. We also need to identify the cost of the various infill options/areas to be able to compare to the cost of new development.

I assure the citizens of Eagle that I will speak up at meetings for the best interests of the Town. As said, I absolutely love living in Eagle and want to see it prosper and grow to become an even better place to live and raise a family. GO EAGLE!

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