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Eagle Town Board Candidate Scott Turnipseed

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Scott Turnipseed is an architect who has lived in Eagle for 10 years


10 years

I would like to see Eagle retain its small town character while recognizing the need to increase sales tax revenue and I feel that my six years on the Eagle Planning and Zoning Commission gives me the experience to help the town move forward with some new ideas to make that happen. I really love living in Eagle and enjoy being part of the decision making process.

I believe we need to look to four main areas to help increase our sales tax revenues and they are as follows. We need to take advantage of the vehicle traffic that we have on Interstate 70. This can be done by a combination of new development and some infill in the Chambers Avenue and Market Street areas. We also need to take advantage of the vehicle traffic on Highway 6. This is also a combination of infill and new development but is primarily an infill project. The town will need to create incentives for current business and land owners to improve existing properties. The third area to look to is our downtown area. We have a beautiful new streetscape on Broadway and we need to try to get some more viable businesses downtown that will create some vibrancy in our Central Business District. This is the heart and soul of our town. The fourth idea I would have is to capitalize on our great recreational amenities and natural beauty to increase the amount of visitors that come to Eagle. We could do things like build a whitewater park on the Eagle River near the fairgrounds, increase the awareness of the great mountain biking we have to offer and increase the number of events that we have at the fairgrounds to help draw some recreational based tourism to the area.

As I mentioned above I believe we need to take advantage of the vehicle traffic on I-70 to help increase our sales tax revenue. That being said I would really like to see the property where the Eagle River Station project was proposed to be developed to a scale and size that would be harmonious with the town of Eagle while also making financial sense. This is not going to be easy to do but I believe it can be done. We will need the sales tax revenue to keep our town competitive with the surrounding communities but I would like to see the development be a win/win for the existing downtown area and the town’s finances.

There are two primary areas where infill development can occur in Eagle. The first area is known as West Eagle. This area extends from where 5th Street runs into Highway 6 to the Eagle Ranch roundabout. Eagle County is a large landowner in this area and we will need to work with Eagle County and private landowners, that care to develop their properties, in paying for the infrastructure improvements in this area. It may also be possible to do some sort of a special sales tax district in this area to help offset the cost of infrastructure improvements. The other primary area for infill is the downtown area. The town has already spent the money to make Broadway a beautiful street, so the infrastructure upgrades on Broadway have already been done. The two surrounding streets to Broadway – Capitol and Wall Street would need some significant infrastructure improvements before any meaningful amount of infill development could occur. The costs for these infrastructure improvements would have to be paid for by a combination of the developer and the town.

I look forward to spending the next four years helping Eagle remain the best town in Eagle County.

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