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Eagle Town Board member Knabel submits resignation

EAGLE —Joe Knabel, a member of the Eagle Town Board since 2012, has submitted his resignation.

In his letter Monday to fellow board members, Knabel noted it was a difficult decision to make, but family considerations trumped his town board role when a job opportunity in Florida presented itself. He has two years left on the four-year term he was elected to in 2012.

“In light of the recent discussions of a town board retreat and work session, it may be beneficial to have the new appointment made prior to these events,” Knabel wrote in his resignation letter.

Knabel did not give an effective date for his formal resignation. Instead he noted he would continue service until a new town board member is appointed.

According to Eagle Town Attorney Ed Sands, the town board members can simply appoint a new member if they do so within the next 60 days. After the 60-day mark, a special election must be held to fill the seat.

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Sands added that beyond the 60-day limit, the process for appointment does not have other regulations. The town board can post the vacancy and conduct interviews or not. Or considering that the 2014 municipal election was held four weeks ago, members could choose to appoint the next-highest vote-getter in that election — Paul Witt. That’s the course of action Knabel urged members to consider.

“I would like to offer the suggestion and my support of Paul Witt as the person to fulfill my term,” said Knabel’s letter. “Paul has served as trustee for the town in the past, and he was next in line in terms of the number of votes in the recent election.”

The town board will debate the issue at its next regular meeting, planned for May 13.

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