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Eagle-Vail Animal Hospital has new look, focus

Connie Steiert

It may well be the first and the longest-established veterinary clinic in the Vail Valley. But if you haven’t checked out the Eagle-Vail Animal Hospital in a while, it’s time for a new look.Among the comments Dr. Chris Roth heard from the 75-100 people who attended the hospital’s June 21 Open House was, &quotThis is a pleasant surprise.&quot Another was, “I didn’t know you did this or had that.”There’s a lot you probably don’t know about the Eagle-Vail Animal Hospital, located on Highway 6 in Eagle-Vail, behind the Nick’s Quick Lube. The name may be the same, but beyond that, much has changed.It has been just over a year since Roth purchased the Eagle-Vail Animal Hospital. Roth has brought years of experience and strong medical ethics, along with a deep care for animals and a slew of expanded capabilities. During the past year, Roth and his wife, Hillary, who is the practice manager for the clinic, have totally revamped the hospital and turned it into a first rate, full service clinic.As the Eagle-Vail Animal Hospital’s mission statement says, &quotOur goal is to increase the quality of each pet’s life through comprehensive, ethical veterinary care, disease prevention and client education.&quotToday, the facility not only has a new look, but there have also been numerous upgrades to the facility and equipment, with more services offered than ever before.&quotWe want to practice quality medicine,” Roth said.The hospital offers comprehensive, annual check-ups, vaccinations, and exams when your pet is ailing, as well as geriatric care and teeth cleaning. The hospital now also performs many routine surgeries and specialized procedures, including orthopedic surgery, soft tissue and anterior cruciate knee repair, spay/neuter and de-claw procedures and fractures.&quotThey didn’t do any surgery before. I know a lot of people who are still taking their pets to Denver for orthopedic surgery,&quot said Roth.Now, there’s no need. Roth says there are instances when a pet may still need a specialist, but in general many procedures can be done at the Eagle-Vail Animal Hospital.Trained at Kansas State University’s Veterinarian School, where he graduated in 1990, Roth owned his own practice in Saratoga, Wyoming for 12 years, before moving to the Vail area a year ago. In Saratoga, he was the only vet for 42 miles in one direction and a 100 miles in the other. In what was largely a ranch community, Roth learned to treat a wide range of animals, large and small, and to treat every ailment.&quotI did pretty much everything,&quot Roth said.With more than 20 years of experience, today, Roth works mostly on small animals like dogs and cats, but he still can and will treat horses or even reptiles and exotic pets.To support the new, full service clinic, Roth and Hillary needed to upgrade the facility and its equipment as well. Roth transformed one of the clinic’s former two exam rooms into a room where only special procedures are performed, such as dentistry and minor surgery.&quotEverything used to be done in the surgery room,&quot explains Dr. Roth. &quotThe only thing that is supposed to happen in the surgery room is surgery. It’s supposed to remain a sterile environment.&quotA second exam room was also remodeled, updating it and making it more efficient for Roth’s needs.The surgery room itself has been upgraded, and a new anesthetic machine purchased. There is also new x-ray equipment that takes higher-quality pictures, and a new processor, which readies images in 90 seconds.The clinic now offers a full laboratory as well. What does that mean for Dr. Roth’s four-legged patients? Most test results are now available within an hour at the clinic, so owners no longer have to wait for days for results like they used to when tests were sent to Denver.The Eagle-Vail Animal Hospital also has some of the most enviable accommodations around for your pet.&quotOur boarding is something we’re pretty proud of, too,&quot Roth said. The entire kennel has been remodeled. A wall, which had separated the kennel area into two, has been removed to create one larger, roomier area. But during the day, the dogs are outside anyway, playing, even romping and having a good time.The Eagle-Vail Animal Hospital now has four big play areas outside. In addition, there are a dozen, five-foot-by-20-foot dog runs, with soft floors and cloth covers for inclement days. That way, the dogs can come together for play time, or be separated for meal times or if they don’t get along. There is also an outdoor cat play area, where full-time kennel supervisor Shane Therrien is on hand to make sure each animal is happy.&quotThe dogs can go outside and play with other dogs and have a great time,&quot Roth said. &quotNobody else has an outdoor play area.&quot In fact, patients who used to dig their heels at the door when boarded now make a happy beeline for the kennel.The Eagle-Vail Animal Hospital also offers nutritional counseling, weight reduction plans, disease prevention, chemotherapy and 24-hour care.The rest of the building has received a cosmetic make over as well. The reception area, where, Kevin Went helpfully presides, has been remodeled, furthering the personal service for which the Eagle-Vail Animal Hospital is becoming known. And, there is now a selection of goodies for your pets, from irresistible toys to grooming aids, collars and leads.&quotI love what I do,&quot Roth said. &quotI go to work with a smile on my face every day.&quotFor more information, contact the Eagle-Vail Animal Hospital at (970) 949-4044.

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