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Eagle-Vail changing its image

Part of Eagle-Vail's new image is the removal of the hyphen from the community's name.

EAGLE-VAIL – A new community pool is the biggest part of a 2009 ballot issue, but money from a voter-approved tax increase in Eagle-Vail will also help pay to “re-brand” the community between Dowd Junction and Avon.

Aside from improvements to the golf course, pavilion and trails, money from the tax increase was also intended to spruce up the neighborhood. As money allows, that’s going to include new signs, a couple of new entry monuments to the area and other improvements.

The improvements also include a new logo, and people on the Eagle-Vail Design Amenities Committee – which was appointed by the boards of directors of the Eagle-Vail Metropolitan District and the Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association – asked the boards to approve altering the community’s name, which is now officially “The Community of EagleVail.”

Committee chairwoman Carolyn Ford said the group for a time talked about an entirely new name for the neighborhood. That discussion didn’t go very far, she said, adding that the ultimate point was to provide a better identity for the community.

“We’ve heard about visitors who asked if we were by the airport,” Ford said.

Beyond the change to the name, the new community logo will eventually be a common sight, from the pool to the golf course to street and trail signs.

But the “re-branding” work won’t happen all at once. Ford said signs will be put up as old ones are replaced and money is available for the work.

There will eventually be more signs in the neighborhood – including one at the base of the off-ramp from westbound Interstate 70 – to both introduce visitors to the neighborhood and tell them how to reach the pool, pavilion and golf course.

And, Ford said, the new look will become familiar over the years.

“We wanted something that would last,” she said. “We want this look to last at least 20 years.”

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