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Eagle-Vail Metro District board election is May 8; six seek three seats

Five facts:

Board: Eagle-Vail Metropolitan District.

Board members: Five.

Seats available: Three.

Candidates: Six.

How to vote: If you haven’t yet mailed back a ballot, ballots can be dropped off at the office of Marchetti & Weaver, in Edwards at 28 Second St., Suite 213.

Source: EagleVail.org.

EAGLE-VAIL — This community has two governing bodies.

A group of candidates for this year’s Eagle-Vail Metropolitan District Board of Directors wants to bring those boards closer together.

Steve Daniels and Jake Jacobson already serve on the Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association.

They, along with Albert Ewing, are campaigning together for seats on the five-member metro district board.

“I’m just worried about (possible) conflicts of interest not reviewed by a lawyer.”Karl KruegerEagle-Vail Property Owners Association

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That board has three seats available. Current member Jane Ross is prevented by term-limit legislation from seeking another term.

Fellow board member Kim Bell Williams has declined to seek another term.

A fifth seat has been vacant for some time.

Eagle-Vail United

In addition to Daniels, Jacobson and Ewing, Tim McGuire, Ken McCann and Robert Finlay are also seeking seats on the board.

Daniels, Jacobson and Ewing are affiliated with Eagle-Vail United, a group formed in 2015 to successfully oppose a proposed property tax increase in the neighborhood, and subsequently elected Daniels, Jacobson and Judd Watts to the five-member property owners board.

In a February election, Daniels, Jacobson and fellow incumbent Watts were all re-elected to their seats on that board.

If elected, then people associated with Eagle-Vail United could have majorities on both boards.

Possible Conflicts

That idea troubles property owners’ board member Karl Krueger, who said he’s worried about possible conflicts of interest if members are serving on both boards.

Ken Marchetti is an owner of Marchetti & Weaver, an Edwards-based accounting firm that represents many special districts in Eagle County and on the Front Range.

Marchetti said it’s “not uncommon” for community residents to serve on property owners and metro district boards at the same time.

Ruled by state law

“The smaller the community, the more likely it is to have overlap,” Marchetti said.

Marchetti said from a metro district perspective, there’s nothing illegal or improper about having board members serve on two boards at once.

Metro districts across the state are governed by state law, so those rules are consistent.

But, Krueger said, property owners’ boards are different.

“Rules can be different for (property owners’) boards,” Krueger said.

He added that he has more than once asked to have the association’s attorney provide an opinion on concurrent service by board members.

But, he said, that request has been denied by other association board members.

While Daniels said he’s been assured that concurrent service isn’t a problem — noting that several boards in the valley have such arrangements — Krueger said he’d still like a legal opinion on the matter.

“I’m just worried about (possible) conflicts of interest not reviewed by a lawyer,” he said.

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