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Eagle-Vail ponders new fees

Sarah Mausolfsmausolf@vaildaily.comEagle-Vail, CO Colorado

EAGLE-VAIL – Three new fees are under consideration in Eagle-Vail, and property owners will have the final say on them.The Eagle-Vail Property Owners’ Association proposes fees on real estate sales, short-term rentals and home businesses, association president Mike Connolly said.For the fees to go into effect, 51 percent of property owners must agree to them, he said. The association plans to start an outreach campaign around May to spread the word about the proposed fees, Connolly said. Officials will ask property owners to sign a paper indicating whether they support the fees, he said.Here is a look at the fees.

Applies to: The sale price of propertyAmount: One percent of the sale price of a property. The buyer and seller could split the cost, Connolly said.Money generated: Roughly half a million dollars per yearWhy necessary: “The assets and infrastructure in Eagle-Vail have been aging and require some consistent investments,” Connolly said. Examples could include road widening, creating dog parks, maintaining or upgrading athletic fields, and replacing or adding playground equipment in parks.

Applies to: The price of renting a home short-term. Also applies to sales of businesses that operate out of properties within the homeowners’ association. Businesses that pay local and sales taxes would be obliged to collect the tax. The fee would not apply to businesses in the Eagle-Vail commercial district.Amount: 3 percent of sales.Money generated: $30,000 to $40,000 per yearWhy necessary: Funds could pay for transportation from Eagle-Vail to the Avon transit center and possibly the ski mountains, Connolly said. One possibility is a park n’ ride, he said. Drivers could park in Eagle-Vail and ride a shuttle to Avon and possibly Beaver Creek and Vail mountains, he said. Along with transportation, funds could pay for educational materials outlining guidelines for renters, Connolly said.

Applies to: Businesses in Eagle-Vail, within the property owners’ association boundaries. It applies to businesses that pay local and sales taxes. It also applies to homeowners who want to rent out their properties short-term.Amount: $50 per yearMoney generated: About $5,000 per yearWhy necessary: Funds also could pay for the park n’ ride and rental guidelines

Eagle-Vail homeowner Bruce Beckwith said he opposes the real estate transfer assessment.”It hurts the person who’s selling a home, who wants to have some money, ideally, to go and relocate,” he said.In general, he said Eagle-Vail is going beyond what a small community really wants or needs.”They’re trying to raise money for a variety of things no one has really expressed any particular interest in,” Beckwith said.On the other side of the debate, Eagle-Vail homeowner Steven Kirchner said he supports the real estate transfer fee. He said people buy homes in Eagle-Vail because of the location and amenities. The assessment would fund upkeep of those amenities, like the golf course, tennis courts, pavilion and park, he said.”There’s going to be a little less money going into your pocket if you sell,” he said. “However it’s going back to the community. It’s going to the amenities that support the values and appreciation in the community. I think it’s a tradeoff.”-Talk of fees comes a few months after voters approved a 5-mill property tax increase to fund $7 million worth of improvements to community amenities. Upgrades to the pool, maintenance of the golf course and improvements to parks had been among the proposed projects.Staff Writer Sarah Mausolf can be reached at 970-748-2928 or smausolf@vaildaily.com.

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