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Eagle-Vail property owners head to court over voting rule

Chris Outcalt
Eagle-Vail, CO Colorado

EAGLE-VAIL, Colorado ” A Friday morning County Court hearing will determine how Eagle-Vail residents will be able to vote at this year’s annual property owners meeting.

In the past, one property owner was allowed to attend the meeting and cast multiple votes for other residents. The process, called proxy voting, was used by hundreds of residents at last year’s meeting.

After the meeting, members of the property owners board took a closer look at their bylaws and determined a homeowner should only be allowed to cast one proxy vote, said board member Kim Williams.

“The board came together and decided we need to enforce the one person, one proxy as it’s intended in our governing documents,” Williams said.

Some residents are concerned enforcing the rule will exclude several people from being able to participate in the meeting and filed an injunction ” a court order that requests the board refrain from enforcing the rule ” to make sure one person can still cast multiple proxy votes.

“Eagle-Vail is a community where almost half are second-home owners, landlords or out-of-town residents; so by all practical means, many indeed have to vote by proxy,” said Judd Watts, who is one of the homeowners requesting the injunction. “It disenfranchises voters.”

Some say the decision to enforce the rule was made at the last minute, but residents have had a few opportunities to discuss the voting rule with the property board before Friday’s annual meeting, Williams said.

“As a board, we’re trying to get the word out,” Williams said. “We’re just trying to do the right thing.”

The annual Eagle-Vail property owners association meeting is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Friday at Battle Mountain High School.

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