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Eagle-Vail ‘Rocky Horror’ premiere approaches

Bart Garton
Rocky Horror Musings
Vail, CO Colorado
Special to the Daily

Editor’s note: Edwards resident and Vail Valley Theater Co. cast member Bart Garton is writing a series of “journals” about his experience rehearsing for “The Rocky Horror Show,” showing Oct. 22, 23, 29 and 30 at the old Battle Mountain High School in Eagle-Vail.

EAGLE-VAIL – “Vroom, vroom!” And, “Wow, here we GO!” Electricity is in the air at rehearsals now, as we approach our first performance this Friday. Here’s a list of the latest goings on with your hard working cast and crew of The Rocky Horror Show:

First of all, I have to say The Rocky Horror Starvation Diet is working. We’ve got some hot bodies out there! Kudos to all, especially the mothers who have fully recovered from babydom and are now approaching sexpotdom.

The costumes have all arrived and we’ve gotten very used to them, sort of. The high heels are still tough on the guys. We should have bought stock in moleskin before this show. But the shock factor of our appearance is gone. It’s not unusual to see two cast members during a break in rehearsal having a heated, humorless conversation about the upcoming election while the girl is dressed in a totally sexy “angel from hell” outfit and the guy is in fishnets and a corset.

Our set is almost complete and it’s so substantial that another director is already vying to use it in her next play … if she can transport it. This is a structure that will not be moved easily. It is the centerpiece of a rollicking spectacle that deserves an appropriate, impressive platform. In effect, the stage is one of the cast. Remember, you saw it here first!

The prop list is almost complete. It’s a little tricky finding certain requirements of a campy-schlock-fest-horror-movie-satire. Like chainsaws. Laser guns. Body parts. But we’re a very determined group, and so we’ll get them.

Speaking of props, here’s the lowdown on the oft-asked question, “What should I bring?” Nothing. We’ve taken the liberty of providing goodie bags for sale (cheap!) filled with all sorts of stuff to use in your audience participation, including a note card with instructions. So there’s really no need to bring your own gear, except of course a totally inappropriate costume. One very serious note: Do not bring rice. Those familiar with the film version will remember chucking handfuls of rice during the wedding scene. While this was funny at the movies, it’s potentially fatal for a stage show. As I’ve mentioned too many times already, we have actors in high heel dance shoes and stepping on one kernel of rice could cause a snapped ankle and the end of the show.

Ok, now: think of this next line in a whispered tone. “Hey Mister! Yeah you. C’mere. Today, just for you, special price on Rocky Horror tix!” The deal of the week is to get your tickets online at vvtc.org. You’ll pay $15 instead of $20 at the door. And I have inside information that if you change your mind about the date, they’ll honor your ticket purchase at any performance. Shhh … don’t tell anyone.

So, we are fired up and ready to go! Could we put the show on tomorrow? No friggin’ way. But there’s a distinct danger to peaking too early. We are right on track to making the summit this Friday. We then intend to spend the night up there, rest a bit… and rock on again Saturday! If you miss the show this weekend (not recommended), check in next week as I’ll be giving my report on how everything went and keep you posted on our progress towards the final performances for the Halloween weekend!

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