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Eagle Vail sells H2O to build a new pool

Cliff Thompson

Eagle-Vail is trading water for dollars to get some water -sort of.

The water-rights-rich metropolitan district will be selling some of its excess water rights -100 acre-feet- or enough to cover 100 football fields a foot deep – to renovate its aging swimming pool. The sale to the Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority and will generate $400,000 for the district.

“We want to try and replace the swimming pool because it’s antiquated,” said Walter Allen, chairman of the Eagle Vail Metro District board. “It’s one of our most popular amenities.”

The 100 acre-feet represents one-half of the district’s water supply, but the largely-built-out subdivision still will maintain a 20 percent surplus once the district is built out, Allen said.

The Authority will sell the water to other districts that need water.

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The metro district and Authority heralded the fact that the sale keeps the water in the Eagle River basin as opposed to having it diverted out of basin or to the Front Range.

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