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Eagle-Vail traffic light just weeks away

Matt Zalaznick

In a few weeks, a traffic light will be flashing from green to yellow to red at the intersection of U.S. Highway 6 and Stone Creek Drive, says Keith Powers, the Colorado Department of Transportation’s engineer in Eagle County.

“They’ve still got a few weeks to go; we’re not sure when it’ll be up and operating,” Powers says. “You’ll know when it’s going to go into operation when you see the signal start flashing yellow.”

The lights are already hanging above the highway, though they’re still wrapped in black plastic while engineers install and program the traffic signal’s control box. The light will start functioning for real about a week after the yellows start flashing, Powers says.

“We’ll pick a convenient time during the day to change it over,” Powers says.

The light will be programmed so it’s only activated when there’s a car on Stone Creek Drive. The light should detect when someone wants to turn left.

“It’s primary purpose is to get people out of the subdivisions. It should stay green on Highway 6 unless someone is coming out of the side street,” he says.

The light is one of a series of improvements the department of transportation agreed to make while constructing the “half-diamond” interchange where Interstate 70 crosses over Highway 6 in Eagle-Vail.

Some Eagle-Vail residents, eschewing the convenience of getting on I-70, opposed the interchange because they feared it would swamp their neighborhood with traffic.

The Stone Creek Drive traffic light is not the only device that will make trying to speed down Highway 6 hard on your brakes. Workers are half-way through installing a roundabout at the Nottingham Ranch Road intersection. The roundabout probably won’t be finished until next spring, when the intersecting road will be renamed Post Boulevard.

Post Boulevard will a four-lane road leading to The Home Depot and Wal-Mart Supercenter scheduled to in the summer at the Village at Avon.

The Stone Creek light could be a sign of the urbanization some in the valley are dreading. Along with the lights installed at the Edwards I-70 interchange earlier this year, the Stone Creek light will be about the ninth in Eagle County – not counting those in El Jebel and Basalt, that is.

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