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Eagle Valley High does it right

Having read that Eagle Valley High School has maintained an exceptionally low dropout rate compared to other high schools in the district and in the state, I wish to express my admiration for the school staff, for the school principal and for the parents and students at Eagle Valley High School who work so hard.

This notable achievement is not a result of more tax money or No Child Left Behind, nor is it due to possessing the latest and greatest computers; it is a result of personalized attention. Speaking strictly as a parent, I am, and will forever be, grateful to Mr. Strakbein and to his teachers and school staff. His staff is always Johnny-on-the-spot in responding to their students quickly and in a positive way.

Speaking as a community member, I am well aware that school leadership and parenting skills from the ground up produce responsible, respectful students for I do see them and their behavior at large out in the community. Those students are happy, respectful people. Just as Principal Mark Strakbein says, it takes a village to raise a child. And for all who reside in this village, you are a success story.

Congratulations to Eagle Valley High School for their fine community review. It is well deserved for it has been earned through hard work and true student commitment. And congratulations to the Eagle Valley High School students and parents, for this is a reflection of your involvement, dedication and caring as well.

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