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Eagle Valley High raises money for world hunger

Christina Smith
Eagle Valley High School junior
Eagle Valley, COC olorado
Special to the DailyEagle Valley High School's Hunger Awareness Club taught fellow students about world hunger and raised almost $1,800 by asking students to contribute what they could

EAGLE VALLEY, Colorado “-Eagle Valley High School students came together last week to raise money for worldwide hunger ” an epidemic that plagues more than 1.4 billion people in the world.

Eagle Valley students proved they’re aware and want to make a difference ” they raised nearly $1,800 under the leadership of the school’s Hunger Awareness Club. The club asked students to give one dollar per day for the week, and while some gave $10 and some gave 10 cents, it was a group effort by the entire student body, said Camryn Zamora, an English teacher and the club’s sponsor.

The message throughout the week was a simple one: poverty and starvation is the leading cause of death in the world, yet it is the one “disease” we can cure.

The message of the week was “one” ” it only takes one person at a time, one voice at a time and one dollar at a time to end world hunger. It was the cry from each of the club’s members as they scanned the hallways asking for change from students’ lunch money. A video of starving children brought the message to light and was the most memorable part of the week for many students.

“The slideshow was the most impacting part because when you see the pictures it’s devastating,” said senior Angela Phillips. “I know there are hungry people in the world, but if I can actually see it, it’s a lot more breathtaking.”

Not only were there pictures in the video, but the halls were decorated with pictures and statistics of starving people.

“The statistics were the most impacting part for me. You can see a picture a million times, but it doesn’t affect you until you actually know how many people are impacted by world hunger,” said senior Alex Wolf.

Friday’s hunger banquet supplied students with free lunch ” 20 percent of the students ate pizza donated by Costco, while the remaining 80 percent of the students ate rice and beans donated by Columbine Market.

“People don’t always like to look at the impact that world hunger has on some of its youngest victims, but that’s what typically moves people to give,” Zamora said. “The idea behind the banquet is to help students visualize what 90 percent of the world goes through. People don’t realize that most of the world does not live like we live here in America.”

Though the message was powerful, it took a lot of work to make it happen. Club members Hannah Hibbs, Sarah Hibbs, Erin Burnett, Rachael Burnett, Emily Keener, Nicole Sletcher, Annabelle Kinney, Meredith Kinney, Sierra Murphy and myself, worked together to make the week a success. And though our efforts focused on one common goal, we all had different reasons for participating.

“I saw everything they (Hunger Awareness Club) did last year with the banquet and I thought it was pretty cool,” sophomore Hannah Hibbs said.

Freshman Nicole Sletcher had never seen the banquet done before but joined because she once watched a TV show about “adopt a kid” and “it made me feel bad, and I wanted to help them.”

Regardless of our reasons for helping out, together we raised a greater awareness than the club has ever raised before.

The club’s goal was to raise $4,000 for the World Food Programme, the United Nations Children’s Fund and Oxfam America. The heart behind the goal was that if everyone gave one dollar a day for one week, Eagle Valley High School could help feed one child for nine and a half years, rebuild a small village in China or feed 19,210 people for one day.

The club fell short of its goal, but that did not hinder our excitement because we recognized the impact that $1,800 can have on a hungry world.

As the week ended there was still an echo in the halls about the mission of “one.”

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