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Eagle Valley High School: Kathryn Rose Brock

Nickname: Kat, Rose BudHow many years in valley: 7Parent(s): Vern & Marilyn BrockSibling(s): Jake, 15 and Weston, 9I was named Kathryn Rose because: It was after my grandmother and great-grandmother.If I would have been a boy, I was going to be: ?I’m sick of hearing my parent(s) say: It’s too late – you can’t go out! (And from dad) Give me a smooch.I admire: My parents for putting up with me.My best memory during high school is: During my freshman year during soccer season. I was the first game of the season and we were playing to win the game. That evening, we left for Spring break in Mexico. Who could ask for more?Most people don’t know that I: Love the beach and that I have one messy drawer.Next year I’m going to miss: My family, community, home cooked meals, free rent, friends and easy going life style.I’m looking forward to: Making a life on my own, meeting new people and exploring the wonders of life.I can’t believe: 18 years of my life have gone by and already it is time for me to make all my dream reality. It’s shocking.Root Beer or Orange soda: Neither, I don’t drink pop.Favorite meal: Pasta of any kind with anything.Advice for younger students: Never give up and always follow your heart. It knows the way even when you don’t.

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