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Eagle Valley High School: Rachel Joy Yandle

Rachel Joy Yandle

Names of parent(s): Lloyd and Susan Yandle

Sibling(s): Ty, Nicole and Josh

My parents named me this because: It was a name from the Bible and a very beautiful name.

If I would have been born a boy, I’d be:


I’m sick of hearing my parent(s) say: No Rachel, you do have a curfew.

I admire: Guys, because they help me get through the day and give me reasons to go to school.

My best memory during high school is: High school football games. Most people know what I’m hinting at.

Most people don’t know that: I don’t like drama!

Next year I’m going to miss: Stephanie and Miranda.

I’m looking forward to: Getting out of this town.

I can’t believe:

That high school’s almost over.

Root beer or orange soda:

Orange soda

Favorite meal: Sesame Chicken, Chinese

Favorite music or artist: Rap, Eminem; Pop, Celine Dion

Advice for younger students: Have a blast, live every moment to the fullest, you’re only in high school once, don’t get caught!

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